How Does Axial Precession Influence Religion, Spirituality and the New Age?

What is the Axial Precession and How Does It Define a New Age?

Many are put off by the term ‘New Age’ since Shamanic, Animistic and Natural spiritualities are older than Earth itself and by no means ‘new’. For the purposes of this writing, I refer to New Age as changes in human thought and culture, that are timed by equinoxial precessions AND/OR Earth’s ‘other’ cyclical movements.

Earth is an oblongular, fruitful body that rotates on an invisible magnetic axis and revolves around the sun. While she is revolving around the sun, she wobbles and spins on an invisible axis. Actual time frames for these rotations and spins have not been confirmed and are all theoretical, fluctuating due to the magnetic pull of other planetary bodies and the weight of Earth herself.

It takes the Earth slightly over 23 hours and 56 minutes to spin once on her axis — we call this a day. This is exactly 359 segments of 4 minutes. 3 + 5 + 9 = 17 = 8. Each rotation thereby indicates a new beginning of sorts.

The planet changes faces with each New Age.

It takes the Earth 365 days (1 year) for her and her axis to revolve around the sun. Numerologically speaking, 3 + 6 + 5 = 14 = 5 for movement.

Earth spins on her axis in a circular motion like a spinning top that wobbles as it spins. However she wobbles on her axis in a counterclockwise motion.

It takes approximately 25,772 years to make a complete wobble. The wobble results in a change regarding where the tip of the axis is pointing.

Re-read this as much as you need to in order to understand what we curently know. This can be confusing because a lot of motions are happening at the same time.

The axis will point to each sign of the zodiac as it wobbles. It takes about 25,771.5 years to get through all of the zodiac signs or constellations. This number changes depending on the mathematician but usually does not exceed 26,000 years.

This is where the idea of Ages comes into play. As the Earth spins on its axis in a wobbly, circular motion, these ‘wobble’ motions cause the earth’s equator or ecliptic to precess or move, which over time, changes when the vernal equinoxes occur and where the Sun appears to be located at the time of the equinoxes.

The biggest question is which rotation or wobble are we looking at to determine the New Age:

  1. Are we looking at axis wobble changes of 1 degree, which happen every 72 years?
  2. Are we looking at axis wobble changes to a new zodiac sign, which happen every 2,160 years.
  3. Are we looking at a full axis wobble rotation, which happens every 25,772 to 26,000 years? I don’t think so because we start over at the beginning here.
  4. Are we looking at when the date of the vernal equinox changes by 1 day earlier, which happens every 123 years.
  5. The Sun has always been at 0 deg Aries on the Vernal Equinox, even though the actual date of the equinox changes (it’s coming earlier every 123 years), so does the Sun’s location in Aries even come into play since it appears to be fixed?

I know this is a lot of information so let’s recap. It takes 25,772 to 26,000 years for the axial wobble point to go back to where it started (from Aquarius to Aquarius) and the axis moves through 1/12 of the sky (30 degrees) every 2,147 to 2,160 years or so in retrograde motion so from Aries to Pisces to Aquarius and so forth.

With all of these facts, which factor really matters in determining a New Age?

Fun Fact: Did you know the Sphinx faces East at the exact location where the Sun rises on the day of each vernal equinox?

Is the New Age About Sidereal Constellations or Houses?

The answer to that is yes to both and includes Tropical Astrology Houses and Numerology.

Those who are familiar with Astrology understand that the circular sky is broken down into 12 pie pieces. In Tropical Astrology, the type of Magnetic or Other Energy contained in these 12 sectors influences the earth more so than the actual stars which are light years away. In other words, the darkness programs the light.

Sidereal Astrology follows the exact location of the actual so-called fixed stars or lights and tells us the exact date when the Sun is at 0 degrees of Aries. Tropical Astrology follows the dark energetic matter within the spaces and how that energy affects the stars within the space; nature on Earth; and the people on Earth. Following this logic, houses trump constellations.

According to Astrodienst’s Swiss Ephemeris based upon the DExxx ephemerides from NASA’s JPL, the Sun was in Aquarius the week of March 20th in 5000 BCE, as far back as I could go. In current times, this is the typical date of the Vernal Equinox when the Sun is at 0 degrees of Aries, however in 5000 BCE the Sun did not move to 0 deg Aries until May 1st therefore the vernal equinox is less about a date than a 0 degree Aries sun placement.

By 3641 BCE (1359 years later) the Sun had moved to 0 deg Aries on April 20th. The Sun’s placement at 0 deg Aries is moving backwards one day every 123 or so years.

If this Ephemeris is correct, the Vernal Equinox doesn’t have anything to do with Astrological Ages, specifically those lasting around 2000 years. Instead, the time it will take for the vernal equinox to return to May 1st, as it was in 5000 BCE will be 44,895 years.

If we randomly divide that number by for 12 Ages or movement through 12 Constellations, each Age lasts about 3,741 years.

If we divide it by 30 for the number of degrees in a zodiac house, the age would be about 1495 to 1500 years AND a New Age would be defined as the number of years it takes for Earth’s axial pole to wobble through a zodiac sign.

Currently the axial pole is pointing to Polaris, which sits at about 28 deg of Gemini. Roughly two thousand years ago, the axial pole pointed to Kochab at 13 degrees of Leo. This means it has taken approximately 2,000 years for the pole to shift 15 degrees. This checks our math of a Wobble Age lasting about 3,741 to 4,000 years.

So When did the Ages Begin?

Caveman drawings date back 73,000 years, which coincides with Zecharia Sitchin’s homo sapien birthdate of about 25,000 to 75,000 BC.

Lands on earth are continually developing due to volcanic eruptions, coral developments, glacial retreat, etc., with the latest habitable island being formed in the 2000s in Tonga. For this reason, the idea of lands being formed by a giant being with hands is not believable so a human New Age would not necessarily start with the creation of land as much as it would a significant intelligent historical event such as human writing.

Since modern records indicate some flood or natural restart point occuring at around 5,000 years ago and this coincides with the earliest human writings vs drawings, which coincides with the Hebrew calendar, it makes since to date ‘a beginning’ back to around 5000 years ago.

What is Important in Determining When a New Age Will Start?

In my opinion, humanity should be more concerned about changes that occur in our individual lifetimes since this is when we will be most affected. Usually these changes are is indicated by the Sun’s movement in degrees through the Zodiac and Houses, as well as Numerology.

If humanity finds itself on the brink of a 1,495 or 3,791 year cycle, it would make sense to look at an equal number of years back in history to review recent happenings and determine what may be coming.

Following are timeframes that can determine a New Age.

  1. WHEN VERNAL EQUINOX DAY MOVES BACK ONE DAY – If we’re currently seeing the equinox around March 20th, and this year we saw our first Equinox on the 19th, then 2020 could be seen as the dawn of a new age, though we won’t see a consistent change to the 19th until 2096.
  2. WHEN THE EARTH’S WOBBLE MOVES TO A NEW ZODIACAL HOUSE – This would mean the New Age recently started. I mentioned earlier that our axial pole is pointing to Polaris now at 29 deg and 56 minutes of Gemini. Since it is moving backwards and is only four minutes into Gemini, the New Age would have started in 2017. This makes sense from a numerological perspective.
  3. WHEN NEPTUNE MOVES TO A NEW ZODIACAL HOUSE – Neptune first entered Pisces back in 2011, just at the time when everyone was ‘awakening’ around 2012. Neptune represents dreaminess and vision so in Pisces he is quite at home and would definitely awake a since of mysticism in the people. Neptune remains until 2025 so the New Age will begin March 31, 2025.

One Interesting Mathematical Note:

If 0 deg of Aries marks the equinox, that would put Spring around April 21st in 3641 BCE. In 5000 BCE the Sun at 0 deg of Aries was on May 1st. So back then it took 135 years or so to move the equinox back a day. In the early 1900s the equinox was around the 21st of March so it still seems to be pushing the 0 deg mark of the Sun in Aries back a day every 120 to 135 years or so, which could mean:

a. The Earth is getting closer to the Sun, which causes the Sun’s path to cross the ecliptic sooner OR

b. The date for the start of Spring changes because Earth’s real birth year should be 538,740 months long instead of 12 months and we need to get over the idea of Spring in March because, using our current calendar, in about 12,150 years Spring will be on Christmas Day. There goes the concept of linear time.

I think we should develop a description of the New Age considering no longer than 135 to 1,495 years at a time.

What Should We Expect for the Next 1,495 Years?

Greek mythology is said to be stories developed to help the ancient Greeks keep up with the stars and what they meant.

Perhaps Judaism was much the same.

Each civilization has a creation story, a ruling leader and a cosmology. Ancients looked up at the stars and saw different shapes than what other cultures saw. Where some saw a lion, perhaps others saw a bear so the people made up stories about the shapes of the constellations as they saw them and based on how they observed people and nature to act when the constellation was in specific locations in the sky.


Learn about natural objects and the New Age.

I am certain human personalities were born to symbolize the energies, but let’s look back at Judaism from a place of symbology and Ages rather than mere holy figures:

4,000 Years Ago – Abrahamic Covenant – Age of Aries Sun at 0 deg Aries on April 8

Animal sacrifices continue from Adam’s day and are ritualized with instructions to devise a location for the sacrifices or an organized temple. New lands are promised to the ‘chosen’ so war ensues to displace current occupants. Aries is the god of War and he makes himself known as Yhwh or the I Am or Jehovah Nissi the battle fighter, amongst other names.

Those who stand in the way are annihilated with even the prophets taking lives as with Samuel and Agag. Genocide is the order of the day as with the Midianites and Gideon. Loss of life is of no consequence as entire armies, with their animals, are drowned and the drownings are celebrated.

One of the most popular characters is David who has so much blood on his hands that he cannot build the temple, only purchase supplies for it, however he is a man after God’s own heart. Of such is the Age of Aries.

2,000 Years Ago – Birth of Jesus – Age of Pisces – Sun at 0 deg Aries on March 20, 400 CE

Known as the Age of Pisces, exemplifies spiritual confinement by faith and belief (Neptune in Libra or the Law and Jupiter is in Aquarius ruling the people), though force was also used to promote a so-called One World Order birthed by the Abrahamic faiths, but not including animal sacrifice, that was done away with. The Council of Nicea had occurred 75 years prior.

A belief ensues that man is endowed with supernatural powers through faith and grace, as exemplified by Jesus, and the power of the inner spirit reigns over blood sacrifice. Keep in mind that Pisces’ new ruler is Neptune (as Jesus walks on water and raises the dead), which causes you to see what you want to see from a fantastical lens. Jupiter, the traditional ruler, represents patriarchy and the great father in the sky who rules his family and dominates from a male point of view, hence the birth of Catholicism and the great father or Pope.

What Age Are We In Now?

Based on what I’ve written previously, you can take your pick.

It seems the largest changes started in 2011. On March 21 when the Sun entered 0 deg Aries in 2012, we entered the last 4th of the 4th age per the Hebrew calendar.

It is a time of working together represented by the Tarot card 3 of Wands dealing with expansion and Growth in the sciences. The Age of Aquarius should be renamed the Age of Expansion. On a high precipice, we can see farther and by talking about ideas with others, we know more. I swear it is taking us too long to get our proper footing! We’re still figuring out the 4th Age when we are suppose to be almost done with it, however we know the following:

The people have begun to question the mental confines placed on humanity by traditional religions that are called ‘spiritual’ and they now want to dive more deeply into physics, the sciences and what makes sense vs satisfying the desires of autonomous patriarchal rulers. This makes sense with our axial pole in Gemini representing the 3rd house. Group power trumps the king. It is no longer a time of “do as I say, not as I do.” The new mantra is “I think, therefore I am”.

Divisions brought about by race, culture and status are being done away with. Genocide is not tolerated because friends are friends and as close as family. Cultural appropriation by association is the order of the day.

The New Age promotes energy of ‘finding your tribe’ so associations, groups, clubs and their descriptive acronyms are the order of the day. It’s not so much about the crowd as it is about the agreement within smaller groups and intergroup tolerance.

Even before Covid-19, random mass murders, terrorist attacks and threats forced people out of movie theaters, crowded planes, schools, malls, churches, concerts, etc. as the powers that be sought to move group connections to the airwaves. This includes telephones; Zoom conferences; internet associations; online dating, etc. We are together in mind, moreso than in body, which coincides with 3rd house energy of education and mental stimulation. It can also create bipolarism and anxiety. If you are looking for a busy career, try psychotherapy.

I expect many discoveries in physics will be the order of the day, as well as perfecting astral travel, psychic phenomena and teleportation.

In Summary…

We are gradually being ushered into quite a few ‘New Ages’ with the next one starting in about 20 years. It may be best to take this Age stuff in bite size pieces, namely 123-135 year segments or less.

We’re in the last segment of the 4th Age of Homo Sapiens.

During each Age, all of our writings will be compiled to create a blueprint of the Ages. We should physically document these thoughts for future students who are to be born in the next long Age to occur in about 3512, whatever they call it, so they have something on which to ponder. Hopefully our teachings will not be lost as was those of Atlantis.

The idea of heaven and hell are not in line with the teachings of epochs, the age of the planet or the cyclical nature of the Universe. I’d say the truth of hell lies in the prison bonds created in the past 12 cycles of 123 year periods by patriarchal influences. Hopefully each Age and their segments get easier as we learn more.

Get settled in this New Age and its first cycle.

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