The Truth About the Mars Conjunct Saturn Transit

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There are a lot of horoscopes being sent around the internet about the challenging aspects of the Mars conjunct Saturn aspect.  Most of you who face challenges were already aware of what is coming — you got the summons months ago.  In any event, the transit should make you feel very alive today!

Mars in Aquarius Affects Us All!

This energy can work in a few different ways depending upon how you want to use it.  If you are sober, meaning not using substances to affect your mood, it can be physically beneficial (meaning giving you more energy than usual) or sexual.

In addition it can take a warlike approach if you have been upset about a situation in your life and dissatisfied with how things have been going.  The conjunctive aspect to Saturn makes your decisions regarding your personal situation long lasting…at minimum, 8 months to one year. You can make it longer if you need more than just a short break.

Pallas’ Involvement Brings Legal Retribution.

There’s a legal aspect to this conjunct so I ask the question, who has a court date coming up?  It’s been reported that Chinese divorces are up — does this have anything to do with the recent quarantine?  It can make or break a relationship.

These court dates are Jupiterian / Plutonian / Martian so many males will be affected or the cause of any problems.  Since Mars is square the changes it brings to your life, and since Mars refuses to see this situation ruin the future, it probably won’t.  Just wait this out and things will be better than ever.

There are Certain Aspects to This Transit That Are Unavoidable so Let Chiron Do His Job of Healing.

You realize you have a problem and some of you will be forced to receive help for it because it negatively influences others.  Receive the help you need and get over this quickly.  Take an anger management class and learn new coping skills. See a relationship therapist with your partner and learn new communication skills. Remember Saturn in the first degrees of Aquarius can free you from long, unwanted obligations, which includes jail sentences.

Mars is a fast moving planet, and he is not here to stay or play.  Just get her done and get it over with.

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