The Next Big Thing in Spirit

Tarot and Oracle Cards Can be Used for More Than Understanding Your Love Life.

For years we’ve used the Tarot to discover whether or not we have a chance at love with our ex, who doesn’t deserve the time of day from us.  We’ve bombarded the Oracles with questions about our jobs, but have we ever asked where the Collective is headed with regard to Spirit Science, Extraterrestrial Beings and the Soul Consciousness? 

LOL, if you are reading this blog, you probably have asked these questions so why not ask the Tarot or Oracle Cards what they have to say about the situation?  Tarot is for more than answering general questions about love, relationships and career.  We can also delve into the Akasha, through the window of the cards, and see what is coming up for the collective.

We’ve Done Christianity, the Law of Attraction, Mindfulness, Yoga, Astrology, Vampires, Wicca, Now What?

Most everything we have done in Spirit has had to do with groups, covens, communities, circles, zodiac signs, etc.  Now it is time to look inside and develop your personal self.  No more surrogate families, choirs, kumbayah cults and groups; figure out who you really are, harness your personal power and illuminate the world.  

We need you, your strength and support so that the elevated Consciousness that you carry will light up the world in peace and tranquility.  We must realize who we really are, and discontinue seeing ourselves as only fragments of the body.  We are the whole enchilada wrapped up in a tapestry of dead skin cells that cannot contain the greatness of what we have the potential to become.

Discover yourself because YOU are the next big thing in Spirit Evolution.

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