Water Signs – Please Listen Up!

A Major Wave of Energy is Here to Bring Significant and Permanent Changes to Our Lives!

Have you forced yourself to get use to misery? Did you reconcile your life to either not having enough love or having to settle?

I’ve been telling my customers who receive astrological news from me via email, that a major twist occurred in the astral energies last year, which will affect ALL water signs and those associated with them: Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. This means we ALL are affected because we will either know someone who is, or we ourselves will be affected by the planets and houses with direct contact to these signs in our natal and transiting charts.

This Year’s Saturn Retrograde Corrects Negative Karma!

There is a saying, “all things work for good to those who love God and who are called according to His purpose.” Depending on who we think God is, will determine how we interpret this, however there is no better interpretation for this scripture than this year’s Saturn retrograde from 9 deg to 2 deg in Capricorn! This powerful motion is the catalyst that is changing things in our lives and taking negative situations for those who have learned from their mistakes, or who have suffered long enough, and are making them right. Just when we thought we were locked up and the guard had thrown away the key, we find the prison gates swinging open!!!

Pisces and Cancers Who Want Love Have No Need to be Lonely!

Many Pisces have felt that this life just wasn’t meant for them to enjoy or have any fun. NOT SO!!! The tables have turned for you and that special someone who brings light, love and understanding has appeared or will soon appear in your life. No longer will you feel abandoned or forgotten, however you have to put the key of faith in the lock and change your confession. Say to yourselves:

1. No matter WHAT has happened to me in the past, my future is better!

2. My better days are here now, and all I need is love from one person who I presently enjoy!

3. Love is not a stranger to me. Love is my constant companion.

Notice I am speaking in the present because your present already exists, and to access it, you must speak within it. I do hope you are able to receive this message.

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Many blessings!

Rev. Renee


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