Is He or She Open to Love…Right Now?

Time is Key in Most Cases

At some point in the game of life, many of us finally “get it” and begin walking along the right path toward the fulfillment of our destinies. The key question is about timing and whether or not our significant others get “it” at the same time as we do.

There are a variety of factors that determine whether or not someone is ready for love or is on the same path as we are in the decision making process. Yes, love and commitment are decisions much more than love is a feeling because the initial feelings are not really love at all. This beautiful, mathematical Universe of ours dictates complete order so that the Oracle cards will display where your love interest is in the process of giving their hearts.

We must discover whether or not we and our love are side by side mentally, and then we can better determine the emotional and time investment that we will have to make in the process of building a relationship.

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