When Love Calls Will You Answer?

Many of Us Would Enjoy a Lover in Our Lives, However When He or She Comes, We Are Afraiid.

We all know that a rough ride at love can leave us jaded and cause us to retreat from the world of personal interactions into a cocoon of safety. That cocoon may not be the most comfortable place, or even desirable, but it is free from heartache.

So then we meet a special someone who, after some time, seems to pass all our tests and have genuine interest. What do we do? Should we question the person over and over to ensure they are trustworthy? What about checking with friends or family and telling all of our business to get other’s opinions on the matter. Worse still, should we hide ourselves and shy away for fear of rejection and more pain?

I say NONE OF THE ABOVE! Take a chance on new love because a lot of us (especially water signs like CANCER, PISCES AND SCORPIO) are meeting loves of a lifetime as I type. Be like Mary in the Bible and say, “be it unto me even as you have said”. Let us trust and WALK into our new normal and just keep walking until it feels normal with no negativity, no self-bashing, no excess drama, and most of all NO FEAR!!!

Here’s to our new loves!

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Many blessings!

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