Standing Still Is Not Too Hard to Do…Is It?

The Universal Oracles Want Us to Know What is Going On, But Once We Know, Then What?

Sometimes the Universe wants to teach us to stand still and wait on the truth to be revealed before we can put together an equation to get to the answer. We will receive informative guidance from the Oracles and Guides, yet we still have to live our life daily and allow the outcome to be revealed.

There are even times where the situation looks so bleak, that it is hard to believe it will ever be fixed….even though it will. We live in a world that teaches us to always find ourselves doing something, but one good way not to fret about challenging circumstances is to learn how to stand still.

When we are at one of life’s crossroads, and are disappointed by ourselves and others, we begin looking for solutions to ‘fix’ the problem. We turn to alcohol, food and/or other substances. Some of us turn to past partners, families, friends, social media or work. We may also feel there is nowhere to turn and nothing to do, and begin to lose hope. However, when we don’t know what to do, sometimes the best thing to do is to be still.

It is Perfectly Okay to Take a Few Days To Chill and Clear Our Heads!

After we have received advice and have defined the situation, we must purpose in our hearts to clear the mind for it is only through a clear mind that the best solutions appear. Don’t think that if we fail to DO SOMETHING or to MAKE A MOVE that all will be lost. Situations reveal surprising things when we take time to stop, look and listen. It clears the air and allows others space to make decisions in accord with us. It also lets us know that, energetically, when we come to a time that is challenging, not to be afraid to take the time to allow situations to resolve themselves……sometimes they’ll actually do that. It is the little foxes that destroy the vine, and when each little thing becomes a major issue, the snowball effect takes over.

Snowballs come on their own, and they usually make it pretty clear about what needs to be done to handle them. For those other issues, the simplest thing to do sometimes is nothing, and when we learn to do it once, I promise we will choose it again and again and again.

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