How Many Jesus’ Does it Take to Satisfy an Astrological Chart?

You’ve Heard the Saying ‘As Above, So Below’….But How Many Times Over?

Astrologers understand planetary alignments or tropical seasonal influences affect the mundane world in a variety of ways. This is why the three wise men from the East in the Bible (Magi or Asian Magicians) went in search of Baby Jesus. They knew, based on certain astral alignments, that a king had been born, and they surmised where he would be located, and what he was born to do. According to the biblical story they brought him three gifts….gold (representative of the Sun and success), frankincense (for protection) and myrrh (representative of the Moon….a purifier and vibration lifter). These three gifts were his first anointing for life….I wonder what Mary and Joseph did with the treasures.

I do ask myself, however, how could such an alignment result in ONLY ONE child? Perhaps the great purge of young males during that time, which caused Mary and Joseph to flee, was devised to get rid of ALL of the Christs. Also, perhaps all of the potential Jesus’ fled to Egypt with their parents because it was written in the stars that this child should take a journey during the early stages of his life and that he WOULD live to right about the age of 33, therefore NONE of them were slaughtered during childhood.

Did history ever find the other Jesus’ or did they craft the story of the Savior from the stars, just as well as I could craft a story of the person born on April 24, 2018 at 1:24 pm est, which is right about the time I am writing this blog.

Should You Follow the King’s Star When You Need a Savior in Your Life or Stay as Far From Him as Possible?!

The biblical story, whether purely astrological, or rooted in actual history, provides an understanding of the Star, which some surmise to be Regulus, for it was the importance of this star that led the Astrologers to the lowly stable. Regulus, also known as the Lion’s Heart or the Royal One, is located at 0 deg, 5 minutes of Virgo, which would make me think the savior may have had control issues. This royal star is also said to bring destruction, prison and violent death. On the flip side it can induce ambition and a desire to rule, affecting close astral acquaintances for good or for bad.

At 4:49 pm est, The Moon Aligns with Regulus While Venus, Chiron, Admetos AND the AC Are All at 0 Degrees…How Will This Affect Us?

Seeing that all of these astral bodies (except the Waxing Moon) are in Air and Fire, I’d say something is about to jump off, kind of like a fight in the heavenlies, and you know that means they’ll use us like poor little chess pieces on an earthly chess board! This many astral bodies at 0 degrees lets us know that the effects of whatever this royal decision is, will last for some time so look out for the executive order. The king wants complete control, but is operating from an overly zealous, bi-polar-like standpoint. Though listed as one of the Hypothetical Planets, I find that Admetos’ influence removes logic and causes us to act before we think.

High level advisors throughout the world have their work cut out for them today, but work they must, for if they cannot adequately persuade the King, effects will be felt for some time to come!

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