Chiron Leaves Pisces – WOO HOO (FLAGS WAVING)! Tips for Aries, Where He Makes His New Home.

I Don’t Like Having Chiron in My Sign, But Maybe It’s Just Me!

When I first learned of Chiron, I was like, ‘oh the wounded healer, so wonderful and sweet, just what I need, (screeching halt sound) — NOT! Chiron comes with other heavy planets who teach HARD lessons, and who bring change that can be emotionally uncomfortable. Chiron ushers in situations that force us to help others when we ourselves need help, and to teach about pain that we have recently experienced.

In church circles, they say, “the anointing costs”, which means you cannot be spiritually powerful unless you’ve been tested and have gone through something in life. By experiencing and overcoming trauma, you receive medicine or power to heal others from that same trauma. This is a very Chironic statement, hence I am jumping for joy that the asteroid is out of my sign and I do NOT look forward to any retrogrades, because I know the trauma that they could bring.

I Don’t Like Having Chiron in My Sign, Because I’m Not a Masochist! Here are Some Tips On How to Deal With Him.

If you like pain, you will LOVE Chiron, because he is sure to bring it, and I say ‘he’ because his energy is very masculine and matter-of-fact. Some signs learn lessons fast and distance themselves from toxic people and situations, therefore Chiron does not remain in their sign for long, or is it the other way around, that because Chiron doesn’t remain their for long, the toxicity leaves with Chiron.

In any case, Chiron is shifting to Aries, for now, and I am sure some of you have received news in your life that heralds his arrival! Now what advice do I have for Aries…..BRACE YOURSELVES!

1. Develop a form of meditation and breathing that allows you to center yourself and calm down quickly. You will find these calming techniques when the agents of Chiron approach you with ridiculousness that is aimed for the soul purpose of getting under your skin.

2. Understand that NO ONE has the power to control you, that lovely privilege belongs only to you.

3. A friend of mine once said it is better to ‘handle’ lions than to try to restrain them. Let Chiron’s agents think they are in control, when all of the while you are exerting your own invisible, yet powerful influence to control situations in your favor. It’s also less dangerous this way because their attacks won’t be as fervent.

4. It WON’T last forever! It may seem like you are doomed for life, but Chiron has to leave at some point because nobody can stand him for too long. Find a hobby that takes you to your happy place and wait out your time, but keep good records if you have to take one of Chiron’s agents to court.

5. At the end of the day, Chiron DOES have a lesson that you need to learn….the faster you get it, the least likely his effects will thwart your peace so be open to each lesson. Aries will get a break when Chiron retrogrades to Pisces from end of September 2018 to February 2019 to ensure we got our last lesson AND to reward us for our trouble, just because he loves us!

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