Pisces Astrology: They Want You Pisces! How Can Your Suitors Make the Most of Today’s Mars Conjunct and Trine Energies?

As I Type this Post, the Moon, North Node and Ceres in Fire Signs are Trine Mars (Also in Fire), but Square a Piscean Venus.

#Pisces I know you have been open to a romantic relationship that is not necessarily marriage, but at minimum has to cater to your fantasies of love, at least a little bit. So you are hot right now Pisces with a moderate time frame for entering love and you feel like a lamb out to slaughter with hungry wolves surrounding you, ready to pounce at any moment!

You’re intuitive so you got a head start tapping into Osun’s Venus-like energies, and now you’re receiving midnight calls, midday stares, sexy texts and provocative pics from all directions and you are wondering, “what the heck! I can’t do this, because I already know I need more. Besides, that last fiasco I came out of was a GREAT teacher and I’m not going back into the doldrums of being used and having people step on my heart!”

Sorry Fire suns, moons and stelliums, I know you raring to burn something up, but the sensitive water sign can’t handle your blatantly, aggressive nature. If you really want to lure the fish into your net, you need better bait and waters that are not boiling because you are sure to scare the energetically,tantalizing little fishies away! Your attraction to him or her is fierce right now so if you want to eat, you’d better wash your hands first and set a proper table!

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source http://www.keen.com/CommunityServer/UserBlogPosts/MsReneeAdvisor/Pisces-Astrology—They-Want-You-Pisces—How-Can-Your-Suitors-Make-the-Most-of-Today-39-s-Mars-Conjunct-and-Trine-Energies/843161.aspx

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