Valentine’s Day Confessions

I know and love myself and have taken time to be comfortable with my own presence, especially in solitude, therefore I have risen to a high vibration in life and love.

Upon my rising to higher depths of beingness, I have become a magnet, who attracts life, love, prosperity and beauty.

The eyes of my soul are open, and this allows me to see into the future to become a co-creator with Source….I am comfortable with my godhood and do NOT co-create anything that is not beneficial.

Because I am made in the likeness of Deity, I realize my potential for creating circumstances so I am careful to do my research and due diligence before making love decisions and confessions.

I do NOT get caught up in Hollywood’s or social media’s ideals about where or who I should be because I KNOW these images are based on commercialism and profit.

I trust Saturn’s timing and allow myself to flow freely into ‘good’ love that is enriching and life-long.

Happy Valentine’s Day to Me!

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Many blessings!

Ms. Renee Advisor


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Renee Tarot

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