In the deepest reaches of the atmospheric plane lies the dunamis power that is responsible for creating everything that ever was or will be.

It is more powerful than anything we can imagine, and contains the strongest and weakest Archetypes and influences that exist.  At Its core it is a Numerical System that builds upon the strengths and personalities of Its individual parts in innumerable ways, and, Which has that power to reflect off Itself in Holographic patterns that manifest into material (persons, places and things) that can be translated with physical senses that we know how to use as of this date.

In even deeper ways, It is discerned with the unknown senses that we have, but do not fully understand at the present time.  Many men and women, under Divine inspiration, have translated It into language, art, pictures , etc., for the purposes of helping humans to understand which part of the holographic world we represent and for what reason.

As we reach inside Its lair to understand more about It, It reaches back to us and pulls us in to the point that we no longer need or require what comes from the physical manifestations of Its power….we only need the Power Itself.

Many are afraid to tap into the unknown depths of Its existence for fear of death or of losing touch with this imperfect hell that we refer to as reality.

I refer to It as Eehamx in my book The Mystic, which I wrote when I made a first attempt written attempt at explaining the Presence to the general public for the first time.  It was a truly magickal time as Jupiter entered the energy of Taurus, Neptune stationed itself inside it’s wife Pisces and Uranus arrived to force change in those with primarily Aries influences.

Stem cells have taught us that this Power transmutes Itself according to locations inside each world within worlds, which gives Western Astrology its magick and the seasons its momentum.

My desire is to delve into and swim in Its truths because anything else is only part and parcel of Its true nature, but most of all, because I know if I can master It, nothing will be impossible for Me.


Published by

Renee Tarot

Chief news curator and Editor.

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