The Christ Consciousness and How it Relates to New Age Intuitive Advising Services

I have learned a long time ago that there is no such thing as a coincidence.  Also, the question of which came first, the chicken or the egg, is being asked in a number of ways around the world, even today, especially in spiritual circles…

The Observation

I really don’t like the term ‘psychic’.

After the advent of Ms. Cleo, rest her soul, and the pervasive desires to discredit #psychics and #mediums at any and all costs, the term introduces connotations of silliness, insanity, weird women, theft, and foolery.  This is the very reason why I decided to pursue a time-tested education and invest in my own intuitive abilities as a counselor and advisor.  During my time in these services, I have learned so much about the psyche and the soul of the collective consciousness, as well as the extreme importance of guarding one’s heart.

Very recently, one of my aunts who is taking a class in christian counseling, asked me to proof a review of a book about neo-Christian counseling.  I approached the task with dread because she dictates her papers and you know how that can turn out!

Also it was a christian counseling book, and quite honestly, I have gone through my years of hating Jesus, mostly because of the misinformed ones that taught him to me, just to discover that my own natural signs from and dreams of the inner school don’t differ much from any lucid Christian’s own experiences….quite frankly both of us can prove our cases and effectiveness, yet my experience excludes the concept of eternal damnation, at least in the form of fire.

Like any good niece would, I broke out my night lamp and proceed to dive into the world of disconnected words that will be her plight for the upcoming months, yet after reading her report, I immediately saw its validity in my now.

Similar Ideals, Less the Dogma

Every intuitive counselor knows that much of the time clients need more than just a “what’s going to happen in my future” answer.  In actuality, many times they ask this type foretelling question because they think that’s what we expect them to do, and it has not been established how to ask for a shoulder to cry on, in intuitive circles.

People need encouragement, validation, strength impartations, to be heard, to vent and quite simply…….love.  There have been a number of times that I have poured out of myself into someone who was just weak and hurt, but knew all along what they should do.  Unfortunately, many don’t have family or friends to whom they can turn because they are completely on their own, and with pastors and priests having such a bad rap these days, they are turning to intuitive guidance and, believe it or not, YouTube for answers.

Similar to christian counselors, it is of vital importance for nontraditional,  intuitive advisors to be:

  1. Formally trained in some method of intuitive guidance.  There are a number of institutions around the world from which to learn that have proven track records, tested methods and established government.
  2. Accountable to a higher source, in this earthly world, so that people can escalate situations they feel need moderation.  It should not start and end with the advisor, and counselors should make these sources public to prevent people from feeling they have to call government sources immediately in order to be heard — it is reasonable to go to other forms of escalation first. We know these government sources are blind and have no knowledge of or affinity to energy work….only to cash.
  3. Grounded in a time-tested school of thought with valid publications to refer to (much like the bible) and certification behind them as in theological seminaries for christians.  I never believed in the bootleg preacher, and I don’t get into bootleg psychics either.   Those who are, need to be clear with their clients that they are self-trained and uncertified by a third party organization.
  4. Obedient to government mandates about not serving minors or providing legal and medical advice.  Also render to Caesar what is Caesar’s, meaning pay your taxes.
  5. Affordable so that the average person can make use of your services.  $30+ per minute? Just think about it.  I understand that more experienced counselors deserve higher pay, AND that you have to recoup the cost of education and pay bills, but be fair.
  6. Spiritually protected by ‘putting on the whole armor’ of whatever traditions you use, which believe it or not are very similar to christian traditions, to include the use of gemstones (levitican priestly garments); color-therapy (wearing of white or black for certain rituals, as well as the power of much used ritual); proper spiritual cleansing techniques (baptism and washing with water); and protection by energy beings (angels).  If you can see the demonic forces taunting these people, believe me honey, they can see you too (maybe sometimes ;).

This is Serious, Yet Rewarding Work

It is clear that there is a desperate need for truly intuitive, energy counselors and workers.  The public is literally dying to have you, however we must make it clear to clients where our services start and end because we are not here to save the planet by ourselves.  If someone asks you, “do I have breast cancer?”  Your answer should be, “honey please go to see a medical doctor to find out.”

Believe it or not, MANY medical doctors and lawyers are operating using intuitive guidance much like ours, so we must be careful to stay in our own lanes.  We can trust that they too have time tested methods that have served to increase the life spans of generations, and though they are not Infinite Source, neither are we, but we all have source within us in order to operate within our own capacities.

There are mystery schools from within and without that teach gnostic mysticism, which explains the symbology of christ (the anointed or gifted one), however keep in mind that this world is so purposeful, geometric and scientific, that we could possibly do the same with Bugs Bunny, but that does not mean that Bugs Bunny as an energy being wrote any specific book or doctrine as much as it means you can relate anything to everything…..six in one hand, half a dozen in the other….which brings me back to my point.  It doesn’t matter which came first, the chicken or the egg as long as we know that both assist in the survival of the fittest when used properly.


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