The Magickal Flow of Superconsciousness and Right Purpose

Finding What Works

Many years ago, a christian author was featured in Reader’s Digest and intimated something to the effect that once she “let go and let God” everything fell into place.  After years of stressfully scratching the hard, unyielding fields of life, she decided to release her will to that of Superconsciousness and just go with the flow……that is when things started to work out.  Requests for her spiritual services came flowing in, along with plane tickets and sustenance with which she could do the work.  Her days of picking and scratching were over.


Getting in the Flow and Staying There 😉

That story always stuck with me because wasting time is something that I prefer NOT to do, but that I find myself being drawn to nonetheless.  Many of us find it difficult to know exactly what it is that we should be doing.  We all came here for a purpose, to serve ourselves and the collective.  Unfortunately, with all the exposure to what everyone else is doing, envy can breed a lack of desire for those things to which we are called.  Here are a few tips on how to reconnect with your purpose in order to enjoy an easier journey through life:

  1. Know your natal chart!  Even if you are not a proficient astrologer, it is worth your while to pay the few dollars necessary to have a highly recommended, intuitive professional look at your chart and explain it to you.  It is the road map that your soul agreed to before incarnating on this plan, there for you need to be clear on what that plan is!
  2. Enjoy your hobbies and reality tv, but don’t get it twisted:  you are you…not them.  I know many of us want to walk in the limelight with Beyonce, but believe me, you do not know her struggles, and if you did, you’d lay them and the fame down on the table and pick up your own baggage once again.  It’s best to look at people with a smile and wish them well on their journeys, but it is not wise to wish that their journeys belonged to you.
  3. Make positive, upward movement your focus.  Whether you work on the sunniest island of Hawaii greeting tourists, or in the basement of Rikers Island, most people who you touch should be left feeling better after your departure, even if your purpose was to discipline them.  There is a fine line between light and darkness, however don’t get evil confused with darkness, because pure evil is something different all together, and it will always end up in total destruction.
  4. KISS = Keep it short and simple.  There may be many things that you enjoy doing, but the main thing that you flow in and that thing that you are prone to see rapid progress in is likely something extremely simple and to the point.  I’ll give you the advice that my 4th grade math teacher gave me, “don’t make it complicated.”

I sincerely hope these tips help you in your current journey on this plane.


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