Dream: The Drowning Wife Who Was Dressed Like the Statue of Liberty

The Judgement is not as you suppose — it happens at various intervals all the time…

Dream Date:  November 27, 2016
Dream Time: between 12 and 6 am
Astrological Notes at approximately 6 am:
Jupiter in Libra in the 11th House of Groups;
Lilith and the Moon in a 12th house Scorpionic placement….hmmmm;
The Ever Devoted Vesta in Leo in the 9th House of Religious Tradition;
The Father Sun, Juno the Wife, Mercury the Communicator, Parts of Fortune and Saturn (Father Time) are all forming a stellium in the First House in Sagittarius.
Vertex in Cancer in the 8th House of Death

You Have Been Charged!

I was in a great hall like an amphitheater, but it was inside a large complex of buildings like a University Campus.  I believe it was one of the Inner Schools.

A woman was very distressed because she was going to be thrown into a murky pit sort of like where the gladiators would usually fight in an amphitheater.  Instead of earth being in the pit, it was just murky, thick water, which seemed to be living.  I did not understand why the woman was so distressed because I perceived that she could swim.

The Need for a Witness

The lady was in my current kitchen, which was attached to the University, looking for a man to testify on her behalf for only his testimony could save her.  I got the feeling that they were once in a relationship, possibly married and he seemed to distance himself from the woman. Each time she found him in my house, he would sneak into another room like he was trying to lose her.  She wanted him to tell everyone that he’d convinced her to do whatever it was that she had done AND that he had done it with her. As she looked for him, other people in ancient-looking robes walked around, however nobody would talk to her….to include me who was dressed like them.

She was dressed in a robe like in the bible days, like how the Statue of Liberty is dressed and all of a sudden, we were summoned into the Amphitheater, which was dimly lit with walls that looked like slabs of travertine.

The Sentencing and Instant Punishment

The Chief Judge.jpgA Faceless Man in a robe with a hood, who oversaw the proceedings, stood off to the side of the pit and with a loud voice, pronounced her sins and then judgement upon her.  He looked like the priest on the History Channel TV show Viking only his robe was off-white.

Now, get this.  I heard Him speak in another language, which I did not recognize, but I knew he was condemning her.  I cannot remember what she did, but it had something to do with deceiving people. I knew she had had time, many generations, to correct her actions, however I think the time she was given only served to make her feel justified.  Her only defense was that she was not the only one.

The Judge was very grave and serious and as he pronounced judgement, one of his hands was in the air, again, sort of like the Statue of Liberty.  His voice was deep and foreboding like His tongue was oversized, causing Him to have a bit of a speech impediment with a gravely tone.

This was not an Entity that answers to some little
wiccan circle chant….believe me. 
This is an Entity that only communicates with
other higher level Energy Spirits.

The lady was weeping and in great distress as she sat on the 2nd or 3rd row, but not the first row, of the amphitheater, which could seat about 500 people — it was not filled because I recall numerous empty seats.  I felt younger than what I am now, like I had no status.  Having recently graduated from a class in the Inner School, this was my second Judgement Session. Though I was not being judged, I knew that if I earned great power, that this could happen to me if I misused it.

The Unseen Hands

When the Judge made his final statement, the lady was thrown into the water by these Unseen Hands (like the beings from my Seymour Dream, which was my first Judgement Session) and when they took hold of her, she lost all her strength and was lifted in the air and then tossed.

As soon as she hit the murky, thick, grayish waters, she sank.  I knew she could swim and expected her to rise to the top, but she did not.  She could not.  Then I realized that nobody could swim in these waters and that she had been put to death…..but I felt nothing other than the fact that if the Elders willed it, she must have deserved it.

As of this date, I have not seen where anyone has survived or recovered from these Judgement Deaths.  I also have not seen where the judged ones did anything other than defend their actions.


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