Last night some time between 2 and 4 am, I watched a YouTube video about the awakening and the woman said that if we want to break the code of disillusion(ment) and see things as they really are, just say, “I break the code of disillusion.  I choose to see what is before me.”  She also warned that we should not say it if we are not ready to see the other entities that live among us.  I was just looking to see some reptilians…

The Dream

Bishop Seymour with his fellow leaders of the Azusa Revival.

I had the dream at around 8 am this morning.  I don’t remember every detail, but I saw a very handsome, 40ish, white man with white, close cropped hair who favored Kevin Costner, but it was not Kevin.  This guy was lean, athletic looking and cocky (he looked like a movie star angel) and he was confronted by a black, fiery, pentecostal type preacher who looked exactly like Bishop William J. Seymour (in current history Seymour led the Azusa St revival that ushered in the new pentecost of the early 1900s, which birthed churches like Apostolic Faith, Church of God, COGIC, etc.).  Every word Bishop Seymour said was in a fiery, preachy sentence and he was quite a bit shorter in stature than the white man.

I was just an observer and I watched the white man take the lives of people who did not want to live.  It was weird, he was just kind of going up to people who seemed not to care and deciding, with their consent, that he should snatch the breath out of their bodies.  He did not have a weapon, he was just reaching into their auras and taking their lives, but when he did, their bodies would split open and they would give up the ghost and die.  I actually heard one black man give him permission to take his life — this black man had actually been looking for the white man so the white man did what he was asked to do.

The black preacher appeared and he was not happy, but quite upset with a measure of indignation.  He chastised the white man sternly for what he was doing and the white man stood there and argued with him without much emotion, but with a firm stance AND with respect.  There were others in this place — we were indoors, but outdoors at the same time, like inside of a mountain of some sort because the walls looked natural and the space was very open.  The white man said the people, whose lives he was taking, did not want to live anyway so he was doing them a favor.  We were watching in silence like when you watch your sibling get punished by your parents.  We all knew he had committed a grave wrong — he had broken a universal law.

The preacher then turned to him and in a very loud, preachy, thunderous voice said, “but their bodies DO NOT belong to them, so no matter what they want, you do not have the right to remove their lives from their bodies because their bodies don’t belong to YOU either!”

When those words came out of the preacher’s mouth, the white man just fell to the floor as if dead and these other beings gathered around him to take him away.


People You Have No Clue, But You Can Get One

It is my belief that we have only received a miniscule view of the knowledge that is out there.  The impression I received in the dream is that even though we possess our souls (sort of), we do not own the bodies that we live in, we are just borrowing them from the earth so we do not have the right to harm ourselves or others.

Also, I know EVERYTHING is alive and if you pray or divine for help, and the next day see a cricket, this cricket could be the general of the spiritual army that brings you help and he can do it in another plane, but you will reap the results in the physical plane, “for we wrestle not against flesh and blood” the way we think we do.  Everything that you see is in the fast moving energy realm first, then it manifests into what we call the physical. EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING that ever was, still is, on some level!  You will die in spirit, before you die in flesh.

ALSO, every entity that answers your calls, prayers, spells, divinations, are NOT in DIVINE WILL and are not operating within Universal Law so be careful.  This goes for church people also!!!!

I am NOT a Christian, but YHWH, THE DESERT MOUNTAIN ENTITY AND ANCIENT BLACK ANCESTOR OF MIDIAN, NEVER TOLD ANY ONE HE WAS EITHER AND HE NEVER MENTIONED A SON, AS MUCH AS HE LOVED TO TALK AND TELL FOLK WHAT WAS GOING ON AND WHAT HE COULD DO!!!!!!  Most likely Yhwh was either a left over Annunaki or Atlantean, with the power to transmute himself and with an army of his own and he had some hand in the fathering of at least one group of black people on the planet in that region.  He has also been spiritually ENSLAVED and called the god of a people who do not belong to Him and He is the God of a bible that He did not birth….at least not completely.  If you read the original Hebrew, the word ‘god’ was used to replace a lot of names to include Elohim, Theos (new testament greek), Eloi (aramaic, similar to the Loa of Vodun), El (Canaanite god), Ophelon (a wish), Chrematizo (oracle) to name a few.

The new testament is a bit of a hoax, even though, it too contains some wisdom.  The Christian theme is just a story that was derived from an older story and used to unify a kingdom for the purpose of one world order, BUT it still holds some archetypal truths of the virgin, the sun (son), the saviour, the sufferer/victim, the servant, etc., which is why the North American slaves identified with the archetypal figure known as Jesus because that was a major archetypal energy amongst them as a people!  To learn more about why people love Jesus so much, read about archetypes in The Sacred Contract by Caroline Myss.  A minister can actually BUILD a very prosperous ministry off of an archetypal theme in their life, drawing followers who share this theme such as Victim, Servant, Student/Teacher, Guide, etc. — believe me, I’ve seen this done.

When you open yourself up to “REAL” life, you will begin to see what is really going on out there.  Unfortunately, many in this world are so blind, they will never see until it is too late.

Click here to watch the YouTube vid I referred to earlier.