September 4th Dream of Abduction

Abducted?  Dream relayed as posted on my Dream Weaving and Landscapes Facebook Page

Recorded on September 4th — The Day that HiRadMat began testing new HL-LHC Collimator jaw prototypes at CERN…


About an hour ago I had a dream that I was in a long hallway with about 200 people from all over the world. We were on a large plane with our backs to the walls versus facing the front of the plane. There are all races, nationalities and sexes aboard the plane and a young white woman, who I thought to be Russian (but without an accent), with brown, short, cropped hair, unemotionally informed us that we would be killed if we did not act according to plan.

A Middle Eastern woman who appeared to be pregnant was very ill and said that she could not sit there and she almost fainted so they marched her out of the room or plane or hallway, whatever it was that we were in, to kill her. I was sitting by a group of people and I remember the name Chantal as one of the people who was with me.

A southern, tall, caucasian man came in and said to the group that I was in, which was about 6 people, that he would be testing our ability to read his mind, and that we should not play any games. He said that he would think of 2 numbers and we should repeat the numbers that we heard so that they can test our ability to read minds.

I’m thinking to myself, I do not have this ability, not like that, but as he began to think numbers I heard all of them to include my own which were 7 and 8. I obediently repeated the numbers back to him then looked out the window at the end of the hallway and it was night time. I swear I could see the Washington Monument.

I was then in another room with various artists preparing for a concert. One artist was crying because she said that the other singer would not perform as she was instructed and that she would be killed . You know these people so I am NOT going to call their names. The Russian lady asked the rebellious singer to go into another room so that she could warn her that if she did not perform the songs the way they had instructed her to, she would be killed and then I woke up.

I typically sleep with my bedroom door closed however when I woke up I noticed that the door was open. Maybe it wasn’t a dream after all.


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