A Tarot Spread for the New Year

So the stones I mentioned in the last post helped initiate this dream about a tarot reading that I was given a couple of nights ago while asleep.  This is the second tarot reading I have received in a dream and these ‘dream’ readings are usually quite serious and are part of a ‘next level’ movement with the readings being conducted by spirit guides in front of a spirit audience.  You can read the first tarot dream by clicking here….

The Reading

So I am with a group of beings but this time I cannot see anyone, just hands and they are dark hands.  The main entity is giving me a reading using five cards and tells me that the first four cards are about what is to come and the last card is about how to bring it about.

I am not afraid and feel that I am with beings that I know, but they are not human.

As usual, the beautiful deck is different than the ones we use in waking life and it had rich, colorful photos of non-human beings that depicted what each card was about.  The first four cards were all about money with pictures of gold coins, and the money was coming and it was coming in abundance…..yeah!  The last card was about how I was going to get the money and the unseen reader paused before revealing the fifth card and explained that it was the ‘key’ card for unlocking all of the promises of the first four cards.  The being turned over the card and it showed a picture of a hairy, beastly type creature and the word LOVE was at the bottom of the card.  Goddamn, but keep in mind, while in the dream, this image seemed quite normal to me and I was like oh, love!  Any takers on this interpretation?


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