The Difference Between Truth and Emotions – – Also, My Thoughts on the Tarot Major Arcana

Today’s blog post is about a lot of stuff:  the difference between truth and emotions, tarot, major and minor arcanas, my call to tarot, its meaning to me, and why I bear its name. Whew!  Told ya it’s a lot!

The Difference Between Truth and Emotions and What’s Scary about Emotions

The following are my definitions because if I use Webster’s, he’s a human just like me so why not use my own?

Truth is the general summary of the greater good or actual unspoken intentions of individuals, which occurred or were expressed during an event and is indifferent to how participants of said event perceived the happenings.  Correct perception of actual truth is not necessarily taught, however truth is age old and based on Universal Law and many people do not recognize truth until they learn its lessons.

Emotions are physiological/mental responses one has to persons, places or things (external stimuli) — responses which are brought about by others based on feelings they prompt when introducing the stimuli.

The scary thing about emotions is that your physical being, whose feelings have little to do with Universal Law, can overstimulate to cause you to believe that emotion is truth.  Yes, emotions can charade themselves as truth behind the cloak of your pain, sweat and tears, however when you stand bare from tears, hurt, sadness, pain, disappointment, unforgiveness, lies, self-doubt, imagination, pride, pretending, etc., what is usually left is the naked truth.

What’s funny about truth is that people think they automatically know what it is based on how they feel, but it does not always come naturally. Five different sets of people can experience the exact same event and end up with five different truths based on the Universal Laws that came into play in each of their hearts.  I use to be a person who thought you were suppose to tell people about themselves and let them know when they do wrong — I mean I owed it to them, right? — until I ended up with no friends…….(crickets chirping).  A wise person told me that I have to see the good in people and focus on that, however if the so-called friend became too toxic, I could gently, yet effectively separate myself.  What I soon discovered is that my friends began to self-correct to prompt me to focus on more good things about them because they needed my continued, positive support! Believe it or not, I learned how to be judgmental and critical from the christian church and did not understand truth until I left the church.

The other thing about truth is that each person has a different one…..truth, that is.  I wanted to write a book about my extended family’s history and began to earnestly seek anecdotes from parents, aunts and uncles all of whom were over the age of 50, just to find out EACH ONE OF THEM HAD DIFFERENT MEMORIES ABOUT THE SAME EVENT!!!  It was crazy so I planned to title the book Perspectives, because each of them had a different one, however I chose not to publish the book because I could NOT get to the truth and too many people would be pissed off.

There comes a time in life when the Universal Elders will determine the truth based on the actual circumstances and the hearts of those that were involved.  This is why we have to trust that whatever happens in life is best, when we do our best and follow our hearts.

One of My Fathers, Thoth — and Where I Think the Tarot Originated From

ThothThoth is the Egyptian or Kemetian God /Energy/Being of Writing and Knowledge, in other words He was the Scribe of the Gods in ancient days and was supposedly the head of state of the land called Atlantis or more correctly Atlas, which was likely inhabited by people who were more evolved than we are today.  I like to think that several important words were derived from his name, Thoth: Truth, Taught, Talk, Trionfi, Tarot, which is why the tarot is sometimes referred to as the Book of Thoth.  It’s illustrations and pictures, under appropriate divinations, open up truths and knowledge regarding people and events, much like a sacred book of happenings or truths.  The original meaning of the word Thoth is ‘he who likes the ibis’ so who is the ibis?

The ibis or the African Sacred Ibis is a wading, scavenger bird that typically lives in groups and is said to nest in the baobab trees of sub-Saharan Africa, a tree that can store thousands of gallons of water in its trunk in preparation for drought. The birds are also said to have been venerated in ancient Egypt because they ate flying serpents that would come into Egypt each spring.

With regard to the baobab tree, depending on the size of the tree and its location in other countries, people have been known to carve out dwellings inside of them.  There is an African legend about this tree, which says the tree use to think for itself and would not remain where the creator planted it until one day the creator tired of the tree’s moving and plucked it up and turned it upside down so it would remain in place.  This is why some say the branches of the tree look like tree roots.

Unfortunately, I am not able to derive any good points for my blog post from these facts about the ibis or the baobab tree other than the ibis appear to be like a turkey and based on the roasted turkey and other meats found in Egyptian tombs, he who likes the ibis, would most likely enjoy a good Thanksgiving Day dinner today…LOL!  Therefore the word tarot was derived from the characteristics of the Being who brought original knowledge — it was not deep, it just describes what he liked to eat…..just that simple.

The Tarot or Thoth Called Me

I picked up my first deck from a bookstore and have not looked back since that time.  I was introduced to the cards years prior, when I received a reading from a witch in an underground shopping center — yes, the shopping area was located under the ground.  She predicted some very accurate things for me with the oversize cards in her hands, but most of all she told me that I would be doing exactly what she was doing.  I was honored.

Recently I decided to discontinue using the minor arcana, at least until I feel differently about it.  In all of my readings, the minor cards were usually not the focal point and sometimes seemed redundant, providing the same, but less detailed info than the more picturesque major arcana.  Besides the original tarot did not have 78 cards anyway so as I embrace a more minimalist approach to all things in life, I will embrace the major arcana because these 22 archetypes should be sufficient to open up the doors to the Akasha.  I will soon begin a free online course teaching intuitive meanings of the major cards and spreads (my way) because I feel these cards are so meaningful.

Years ago I had a dream about the cards — it was around 2012 or 13 or so — very difficult years for me.  Here’s a recap of the dream from my journal:


Last night I had the most interesting dream. I was at a convent (of witches) and the head witch (who looked like Jessica Lange in American Horror Story Season III) decided to give me a tarot reading. All of the witches were suppose to attend and two bald twin witches scurried in so they would not miss the event (the twins looked just like Uncle Fester’s new girlfriend after Debbie died on ‘Addams Family Values’). Finally it was time for the reading. The head witch had a totally new deck that had different pictures than our typical decks. Some of the cards floated in the air and others she was able to fling into the air and they turned into their own computer screens (like in the Iron Man movie). Each card was alive and the pictures on the cards constantly changed to show you a movie of what you needed to know. She picked a card for me that had a picture of a woman standing on a mountain with the world in her arms. Over the woman’s head was the face of a lion. The witch told me the woman was me and that I could do anything I wanted now. She also told me I was married to the lion. The dream was so real and so cool I just had to share. What if, in the world of Akasha, there is an electronic tarot that changes and morphs into whatever we need to know. How cool is that?


Never think that your dreams mean nothing because I believe they actually mean more than what you see in waking life.  According to the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, time is not linear, but represents a space in which certain events take place.  Dreams, in my opinion have a location in that space, and in dreams we learn from the masters and receive guidance and messages that assist us in navigating through other areas of time space.  The dream area of time space is neutral where both the living and the dead, the carnal and the spiritual collide.

The Tarot’s Meaning to Me and Why I Bear Its Name

The cards never felt new to me and I began reading them accurately from the first time I held a deck in my hands.  There are those that feel the cards are like training wheels, but I disagree with them.  I good tarot reader is able to dive into places that many psychics can never get to, simply because the tarot is a key that chooses to use the reader as a keyhole to open up portals into the Akashic Record and as we all know, not every key fits every door.  Consequently my husband at the time told me if I ever picked up a card again, he would leave me, which is why I now refer to him as my ‘ex’, amongst other reasons.  I dropped his last name and begin using the last name ‘Tarot’, though not legally…..yet.

Some people may feel that to be a psychic, writer, singer, voice actor is a good thing however you would be surprised to know how few people really love the creative type — how can you love what you do not understand?  Many hang around for recognition or money and others hang around to see if they can meet the right contact themselves by just being in close proximity. I find that I cannot seek out people to be in my life because those folks are few and far between, and must be brought to me by my guides.

Today’s picture is of a reading that I gave myself on July 2, 2015, and that I find to be quite accurate.  It’s time for me to embrace who I am and to stop looking at what others have or don’t have because the truth is, if I do embrace my destiny, the fulfillment I experience as a result of my acceptance of it can catapult me farther than traveling down any of the myriad of wrong roads that surround me.


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