#Indonesia’s #Death #Penalty is Scary and Seems Unfair – I Am Glad My Name is Not #Mary

Yesterday for whatever reason I was searching for and listening to Mary Mary, a gospel group, and I kept hearing, Mary Mary so I thought I was just suppose to listen to their music.  Weird thing is I do not really listen to gospel music (even though I do love their music), however the Spirits were like, “No Renee, Mary Mary!”  Then I heard them say “Mary Mary’s mom” (they were trying to help me out because you know spirits can be cryptic sometimes depending on how open you are) and I go to YouTube and put in “mary mary mom” and find this vid ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXCgfiu-IAU ), which is in line with what I have been talking about in the post https://reneetarot.com/2015/06/25/racism-classism-sexism-religious-intolerance-are-children-of-the-dark-brothers-disdain-deception-and-destruction/…..

I’m Glad My Name is Not Mary

Throughout the Ages, Kings and Leaders have had so Much Power to do Whatever They Want Whether it is Good or Not

In the above referenced post, I spoke of the Dark Brothers Disdain, Deception and Destruction and how they select world leaders to carry out their plans because the plans require power and money.  I do not know a lot about what is going on in Indonesia, however killing people for carrying a suitcase of drugs seems wrong to me.  You are going to kill someone for having that small of an amount to make an example?  That is basically what it boils down to because ANYTHING can kill someone so you may as well execute people who sell razor blades.  Without doing any further research on Indonesian executions, I would venture to say that with their population, it is not hard to get the death penalty for a crime.

Don’t get me wrong, I DO believe in the death penalty and that those responsible for murder, mayhem and large-scale trafficking, amongst other crimes, should not be exempt.  I also understand the high price for the effects of drugged out people and babies born without parents or addicted to drugs, however #Mary #Jane #Veloso, a woman in her early 30s, is on death row in Indonesia for 5.7 lbs of heroin……..(crickets chirping).  Some fat people’s dinner plates weigh more than this.  If this is true, it is what I call extreme and they are getting carried away over there.  I can see confiscating the stuff and putting her in jail for a few years, but execution?  Really????????

If these governments think they can save money by not offering welfare to the masses, they are mistaken.  The poor WILL be here and money that governments save by restricting welfare will be used for prisons, orphanages, police, military, health care (for sicknesses related to poverty), etc.  These people just want food and to put a roof over their heads.

Why must the poor be with us, pompous, educated, rich people ask?  Because many of the poor, uneducated (or educated) people have a light that is preserved by their born circumstances or simplicity and these lights serve to protect us from the imbalance of Dark Energy so these people are scattered around like beacons to balance the energies.  We need most of them.

Ironically in US history, a woman with the same first name as the accused in Indonesia, Mary Surratt, a co-conspirator in Abraham Lincoln’s assasination, was the first women ever to be executed by the U S Federal government in 1865 (though many women were executed in the US under the rule of Great Britain……can you say Salem witch trials).

Ironically, there were about 15 Marys involved in some way in the witch trials, but perhaps it was just a popular name amongst puritans, but in any case, I am so glad my name is not Mary.

Some of These Kids Need a Break, But Not All of Them

Interesting fact:  According to Wikipedia, of the 15 women who have been executed for crimes in the US since 1976, about half of them were in their twenties when they committed the crimes and from a brief, and I mean very brief review, only two of them probably deserved the death penalty.

In conclusion, it seems that whenever there is a reasonable doubt about a case; when additional evidence is brought forward, specifically with regard to other offenders; or when mental illness or disability is involved, there should be inexpensive hearings that are allowed to present this evidence because we are talking death here people.  Again, I DO believe in the death penalty, even amongst the young, because I do not believe our creator(s) is(are) Marshmallow People and some folk do have to be put to sleep for the greater good, due to the harshness/evil of their crimes, the mental toll of the victim or family members of the victims and because these criminals are deemed not worth the money to keep them alive or to rehabilitate them (specifically when you are who you are by the age of 7).  I DO NOT, however, believe in killing people for their religious beliefs just because yours are different.

Also, I do believe there is a human condition that is similar to the desire for sex, food, love, procreation, etc., and it is called vindication for a wrong that is done to you, which many of you will not ever have to experience, and that, my friends, is a good thing.  I realize that world leaders have a hard job and there are lots of people in their ears promoting their own interests, sometimes with threats — I honor these leaders for taking on this responsibility.  Some executions are justified and right, however in the case of Mary Jane Veloso, I don’t think so.


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