#Indonesia’s #Death #Penalty is Scary and Seems Unfair – I Am Glad My Name is Not #Mary

Yesterday for whatever reason I was searching for and listening to Mary Mary, a gospel group, and I kept hearing, Mary Mary so I thought I was just suppose to listen to their music.  Weird thing is I do not really listen to gospel music (even though I do love their music), however the Spirits were like, “No Renee, Mary Mary!”  Then I heard them say “Mary Mary’s mom” (they were trying to help me out because you know spirits can be cryptic sometimes depending on how open you are) and I go to YouTube and put in “mary mary mom” and find this vid ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXCgfiu-IAU ), which is in line with what I have been talking about in the post https://reneetarot.com/2015/06/25/racism-classism-sexism-religious-intolerance-are-children-of-the-dark-brothers-disdain-deception-and-destruction/…..

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