Aries Take It Easy On Yourself! | December 31, 2019

It is the Last Day of 2019 – YEAH!

Lilith is retrograde 0 deg in Aries and trine Mars meaning you may feel like beating yourself up today for decisions you’ve made and consequences that have not only affected you, but those around you.  Guess what?  Such is life.  You are not the only one who’s made mistakes. Continue reading

#Indonesia’s #Death #Penalty is Scary and Seems Unfair – I Am Glad My Name is Not #Mary

Yesterday for whatever reason I was searching for and listening to Mary Mary, a gospel group, and I kept hearing, Mary Mary so I thought I was just suppose to listen to their music.  Weird thing is I do not really listen to gospel music (even though I do love their music), however the Spirits were like, “No Renee, Mary Mary!”  Then I heard them say “Mary Mary’s mom” (they were trying to help me out because you know spirits can be cryptic sometimes depending on how open you are) and I go to YouTube and put in “mary mary mom” and find this vid ( ), which is in line with what I have been talking about in the post…..

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