“You do not know that you are being deceived because you are deceived.” Quote from a Wise Woman


The cover picture is a statue of Janusz Korczak, Polish-Jewish pediatrian and orphanage owner, who is said to have accompanied children he cared for into Nazi death camps and who refused to leave said children, possibly dying with them despite being given multiple opportunities to save himself. He was never heard of again after entering the death camp train with them.


Ephesians 6:12 Amplified Bible (AMP)

12 For we are not wrestling with flesh and blood [contending only with physical opponents], but against the despotisms, against the powers, against [the master spirits who are] the world rulers of this present #darkness, against the spirit forces of wickedness in the heavenly (supernatural) sphere.

Amplified Bible (AMP)

Copyright © 1954, 1958, 1962, 1964, 1965, 1987 by The Lockman Foundation

I do not consider myself a Christian, but this was the best description that I could find to illustrate this #blog post, and in my effort to be tolerant of all religions, I have decided to use it.  RT


Racism, Classism, #Sexism, Religious Intolerance are All States that Characterize People’s Differences

It’s where it all starts — there is something about you that is different from me.

When we as an individual notice something different about a person, whether it be their skin color, hair type, religious preferences, culture, abilities, etc. — it does not matter what the difference is — we must then make the choice about how we will respond to said differences.

The way that we should see these differences is as a bouquet of flowers where each brings its own color and scent to the bouquet so that no bouquet is alike.

In the case of animals, we should use each animal in the capacity, which suits them best in order to optimize our living conditions because in an ideal world, differences are suppose to serve us and bring about a sense of fullness and completion, yet in our world differences amongst humans breed feelings, which are the seed of Dark Brother #1, Disdain.

Dark Brother #1 – Disdain

True Story – Yesterday I was in a store to buy cleaning products and toilet tissue, hmmmm.  Out of nowhere appears a short, dirty, latino man, with long gray hair smelling of alcohol.  He had on a colorful striped Izod shirt, with tight jeans and I noticed that his fingernails were filthy.  Because I am a spiritual intuitive, I immediately smiled to myself knowing that this was a test of sorts because I knew that seconds ago when I walked past the aisles where he appeared, no one was there.  

Immediately he began to get into my personal space and told me that I was beautiful and that he loved black women.  He said he wanted to get to know me and to spend at least five days a week with me.  No joke y’all.  He said he was a good man and he was single, a hard worker, paid his bills, could work on cars, and was gainfully employed at the local cardboard box factory.


I am standing there with last week’s alcohol wafting up my nostrils and he senses this (because I don’t have a poker face) and volunteers that he is not an alcoholic, but does drink sociably — it is apparent from the smell of his skin and hair that he has quite the social life.  

I smile, nod and thank him for his compliments.  I lie and tell him that I have a boyfriend and begin walking away.  To make a long story short, he follows me, much too closely, throughout the store telling me he does not understand the condition of man, specifically African Americans and how his own people will help each other when they see another person struggling in the street. He said even a white man offered to buy him gas when he was stranded on the highway (because his gas meter was broken) — the white man went to get the gas, brought it to him and would not take money.  He said his African-American neighbors would not speak to him because of who they perceived him to be, even though he was indeed a good man.

I explained that sometimes the condition of a people, and how they are treated will cause them to mistreat others, but when they continue to see examples of good treatment and are treated well themselves, they will in turn treat others better.  I apologized for how he had been treated by African-Americans and told him I was sure things would get better.

Over the course of about 25 minutes I listened to him talk and decided to cut my shopping visit short and he followed me to the cashier.  I paid for my items with cash because he was much too close for me to insert a pin number into the debit machine (just in case he was NOT a spirit messenger) and he helped me to get the things into the car.  He thanked me for being kind to him and told me that I had made his day because I walked and talked to him respectfully.

Whoopeee, I passed the spirit test!!!! But he would not stop talking.  I put my hands together as in prayer and bowed my head and told him I beg of him to allow me to leave because I had to go (I’d seen someone do this on Nollywood and I was feeling nauseous) and with that action, he allowed me to leave without being rude or causing a scene.  I believe this was a test to see if I could withstand the Dark Brother Disdain.

Webster’s dictionary defines ‘disdain’ as “the feeling that someone or something is unworthy of one’s consideration or respect; contempt.”  It is so much different from hatred, which is the opposite of love and causes you to invest a lot of thought and energy into the object of your hatred. With disdain, you just want it (them) to go away.  Feelings of intense disdain are precursors to most of the ‘isms’ that exist today and to mass destruction.

Dark Brother #2 – Deception

I started this blog post by mentioning a quote from a spiritual mother of mine who use to say that when you are headed down the road of deception, you have no clue you are headed down the wrong road because you are being deceived….

Dark Brother Deception creates an emotional and spiritual blindness, deafness, and dumbness, which results in one’s inability to see, hear, understand or speak truth with regard to a specific situation.  For example, a father who perceives himself to be good can come home from work bearing gifts of candy for and offering kisses to his own birth children, knowing how great it will make them feel, but ignoring his stepchild who is watching from the corner because they are the child of another man, and remind the father of his wife’s previous relationship, which he despises.  This father has been deceived into thinking that his disdain for this child is justified and that it doesn’t warrant correction, but he sets off a chain of events that will affect future generations to come — believe me, I know because I was married to said child.

The only way to combat deception is to surround yourselves with teachers and guides who you allow to speak into your life and who have a tendency NOT to agree with you because they do not care about your riches, attention, etc. They will tell you the truth even if you leave them for a while because there are many that will lie to you just to keep you around for their own benefit.

Once you hear the truth, get mad at it and wait, its seed will begin to sprout and then you can change your ways.

Dark Brother 3 – Destruction ( Annihilation / #Genocide )

Brother Destruction comes only after his first two brothers, Disdain and Deception have taken over the camp.  The reason he must come after is that he comes with wealth and riches.  If Disdain and Deception have not completed their work, the wealth and riches brought by Brother Destruction can be used against him, therefore he must first own the mind of his followers.  Dark Brother 3 does not discriminate against anyone, because all he wants is one thing:  BLOOD and LIFE.

In order to carry out his plans, he must provide his subjects with wealth because the #destruction of hundreds of thousands of people (genocide) is very expensive.  To gather an army of folk to plan and execute destruction, along with weapons (whether they be ammunition, chemical or biological); storage/detainment facilities for people and weapons; sustenance for the group carrying out the destruction; time to get into the minds of the victims and those who stand by and watch the destruction; propaganda/marketing; and the clean up/cover up AIN’T CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Destruction of a people can cost billions or even trillions of dollars so the very wealthy and elite, to include governments, become potential targets for carrying out the desires of Dark Brother 3.  To this select group he sends his brothers Disdain and Deception, and sometimes he identifies perpetrators even as children and grooms them for his work.

Following are some examples of what he has left in his path killing millions — the links to various videos and reports can not be verified by me, and in some cases are gruesome:

Christian Crusaders – This was a holy army created for the establishment and spread of Christianity by all means necessary, as well as for the destruction of heathen religions and protection of the Holy Land. The crusades resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of individuals in Europe under the guise of spreading the “good news”.

Jihad – Muslim extremists have long been supported by Middle Eastern governments for the sake of establishing Islam throughout the world. They continue their efforts to this day, destroying and terrorizing all who do not accept their religion.

The Holocaust – Nazi Germany, in answer to the “Jewish Question”, sets out to do an ethnic cleansing thereby killing an uncountable number of those of Roma decent, known as Jews (numbers quoted are approximately 800,000).  In various countries it is a criminal offense to deny that the Holocaust took place, though some want to.

Child Labor / Slave Camps and Prisons / Population Control by Abortion and Fetal Killings– Many countries are accused of or have been guilty of crimes against children and the systematic destruction of the young via slave camps, child prisons and abortion all over the world to include the US, China, Russia and Germany, to name a few.  There are some that claim the deaths of babies are so extensive in China that the dead are now being used as food in restaurants and reportedly, there have been recent arrests for said crimes.

Witch Hunts – The Salem Witch Trials were NOT the beginnings or end of witch hunts throughout the world.  These unfortunate events have cropped up all over the globe and typically result in the destruction of women and those who practice esoteric arts, and which start with the spread of public propaganda and teachings demeaning women.  This form of gendercide has taken the lives of hundreds of thousands of women all over the world to include Rome, Africa, England and the US.  If you believe it is over, or that it cannot happen to you even though you are not a witch, you are deceived.

Child Witches in Africa – I believe this incident deserves its own section and should not be included with the average Witch Hunt.  Children in West and Central Africa are being accused of witchcraft, most likely when they are anywhere in the vicinity of some unfortunate occurrence, have a tantrum, etc., and are consequently blamed for said occurrence and labeled as a witch.  Tens of thousands of these children have been separated from their families, detained, enslaved, punished and/or killed in Africa.

The Rwandan Crisis – In 1994, there were three ethnic groups that existed in the beautiful country of Rwanda, Africa.  These peoples originally lived in peace with the Twa being the indigenous group.  Hutu’s (typically with darker complexions and more ethnic features from the Congo) and Tutsi’s (of mixed heritage stemming from Belgian colonization and with Moorish features) were taught to disdain each other to the point where certain groups were not provided with the same benefits as others on the grounds that those with the most European blood (features) were somehow superior.   This systematic brainwashing (deception) resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands in a matter of just weeks, mainly by a weapon called a machete.  A similar situation has been seeding in the Dominican Republic.

The Agenda of the Powerful and Crafty Dark Brothers


Ancient spiritual writers (from 1000s of years before Christianity) have told of age old spiritual forces who have detached from the “Light” and now want war against it at some time in the future.  These forces retain their life force/energy via human blood (sacrifice) and worship.  Because they are so powerful, one chicken here and there, just won’t do it, and how can they wage war against the all powerful Light without first feeding and strengthening themselves? Confusion and fairy tale endings have been added to the Bible story to cause people to discard it, however we must learn to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Who Do They Choose?

Anyone can be chosen as a target for death, however very wealthy, powerful or influential people are used to fuel these occurrences, which feed these entities.  In many cases, contracts are formed and people are sacrificed in exchange for wealth, good fortune and long life for said people and for their posterity.

What Can be Done?

My people, that I do not have the answer to because the final conflict is imminent even though we say the future is changeable. I do not think we can stop the match up (and we most likely aren’t suppose to), however we DO have the responsibility of ensuring that the Light remains stronger, if not equal to the Darkness for the sake of Divine Balance, whatever that equation is deemed to be because only a little light, can obliterate complete darkness, and too much light is just as blinding as darkness.  Just know that none of us are exempt from becoming the next victims of the Dark Brothers, however I do offer these suggestions to help maintain balance:

  1. Always remember.  Knowing the philosophy and facts behind these unfortunate occurrences will aid us in recognizing the signs of when they are about to reoccur. Avoiding these issues in schools is a mistake because it is not what you teach the children, it is the spirit in which you teach.
  2. Be prepared to work.  There will always be poor or so-called undesirables among us.  It is our job to work with them and to invest resources to help them to become a part of and enhance the communities in which they live.  This is NOT an easy task, but will take work and resources.
  3. Don’t mistake criminals for something else and vice versa.  In every society there will be an element of those who commit heinous crimes and who must be separated from society or punished according to their crimes, sometimes by execution.  Most likely this will NOT be an entire city and if you think it is, or that it is an entire race, then Deception has probably taken over.
  4. Trust that Earth will do her work of balancing.  There are those who feel they must take the lead in population control, however it is not necessary.  There are various natural/energy systems in place to maintain appropriate levels as long as we allow them to operate unhindered.  Earth has its own system of checks and balances, as well as scales and cleansing methods that do not require man’s help. Perhaps she would even use the Darkness in her work or some other variation of Dark Energy, without you having to dirty your hands because we all know that Darkness and Light are both necessary, but it is not for ‘us’ to use them, invoke their presence or make bargaining deals with Principalities.