Why the Mental Health-Gun Control Debate is More Socio-Political Than You Think

Hello Readers,

I know that you are wordsmiths who enjoy the beauty of language in its written form, and I appreciate that from the bottom of my heart.

In this post I have done a video to give my thoughts on the recent gun debate, views I’ve not heard from others so please lend me your eyes and ears and listen with an open heart at this point of view and understand that it is not to uphold, defend or criticize any particular race or socio-economic group…..it’s just a point of view.  Enjoy:






#Privacy and #Security

I fucking hate the way the #internet is making me feel these days. Warning, there may be expletives in this post.  This post will be edited as I get more info. #OpenSource #Developers I love you for not selling out.  Here’s some sunshine on me!


Lately I feel like everything I say on the phone, via Facebook, via Google+ and via #Gmail and even Twitter and AT&T is so damn peered into.  They don’t want me to spam anyone or have too many friends or say what the fuck I feel, however certain people can get on these mainstream channels and say whatever the fuck they want, just because they are planted there to see who fucking agrees with them.  This shit is #outofcontrol.  #Youdon’townme, but #Istillwantyourbenefits because #ipaidforthatshit with #mytaxdollars now #kissmyass.

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