The Battle for #SocialMedia Dominance – How will #Google and #Facebook Compete?

It really doesn’t matter how many networks are out there if they ALL suck….not saying that they do, but focus on the real competition…RTI’d like to see the following simple list on one social media platform:

  1. Easy app integration with iPhones, general smartphones, Nooks and Kindles.
  2. Same interface on Windows as well as Linux as well as Oracle operating systems [and any others that matter].
  3. Use the sharing power of your existing base of people and stop limiting who sees posts so that you can get people to pay for them. Businesses are going to pay anyway so they can write off the expenditures.  You lose, not us.
  4. Give people an option to stay in network or out of network — don’t ask them do they know family members and friends of family unless they ask you to. I might want to forget who I already know.
  5. Make apps and administrative functions easy to understand and don’t hide them in the interface.
  6. Give people the option to change the outer borders of their main timelines, but leave the reading area free of clutter.
  7.  Don’t limit how many people see posts to encourage people to boost them — that’s bad, ruthless business. Have I already said that?
  8. Add plug-ins for people to easily interact with other social media sites, but leave room for out-of-network people to ask, “hey, how did you get that app”, then the answerer says something like, “you have to do that on Google+, but you can still view your facebook feed from Google.” Or you can just have a little Google symbol in the corner of the communication.
  9. Let #Pinterest be Pinterest and let Instagram be #Instagram.  If you want to be social, be social.  If you want people to talk, make it easy for us to discuss things and show people stuff.  I’d like to see Google+ be a little less Pininteressy, however if I like Twitter and Johnny likes Facebook and Cory like Pinterest, be each one to each person.  Give us the option, to tell you what type of interface we prefer so it feels like I’m on Instagram, even if I am on Google+.  This way you win all of the time with EVERYONE.
  10. Google+ shows me too much stuff on my main interface.  They’ve got a lot of people and circles can get big.  Then you end up with 500 billion people in your community with 2 reads!!!!!!!!! Let me tell you what I like and limit stuff to that.  Put a feed on the side with linked pictures to what my circles and outercircles are doing or liking and keep that rolling.  I just may see something I like and if I want to add it to my main interface, I will.  I can also share it from the sidelines.
  11. Google+ has too many people who for some reason don’t see the posts. Frequent posters should be rewarded with automatic re-entry into timelines for the first 24 hour period, if they so choose, without using a totally different app, like #DoShare.
  12. #Facebook gives me the DISTINCT impression that they are limiting who sees my posts.  Okay fine.  Then don’t tell me the post is public.  Make it “semi-public” or “FB-public” or “the few people we allow to see it so you will promote the post and we can make money public“.  C’mon, you’re already filthy rich — don’t be friggin greedy!!!  Besides, when I get rich, I may get greedy too and then I will buy ads….Ah HAAAA!
  13.  If we want to block someone or not get a notification, etc., make it fun. Like give us the “this is dumb” option or “this person is seedy” or “okay, nice, but I’ve had enough” or “can you say rapist?” or “what a racist asshole” options and then you can easily understand why we don’t like a post without us having to explain it.
  14. If we frequently ask to receive notifications after, say the 4th Google plus, give us a pop up that says “do you want to stop notifications after the 5th notification going forward”?
  15. Add options in gmail to share an email with our friends via another social network. Let the recipients see it come from Google+ and use that as a marketing tool.
  16. Do not use any color on your interface that in anyway resembles Facebook blue.
  17. Let us link our social media page to Amazon or Zappos so we can share a review of what we just purchased, if we so desire, without having to download 50 thousand add ons that slow us down..
  18. If I want to share something with a friend, I don’t want to have to remember their social media name and type it in.  Just show me the pics of my friends with their names and I’ll confirm who to share with that way.

Google you may make this private so that Facebook can’t see it, but if you do, please send my check in the mail.


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