Rectal Tumors Eliminated in Trials with 14 Patients Taking the Drug Dostarlimab. What Does This and Other Advancements Mean for Humanity?

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CNN Reports a Major Breakthrough in Medicine.

The drug dostarlimab has been used to eliminate 100 percent of rectal cancers, without toxic treatment, in a small study of 14 patients. Watch the video below:

So now we have a drug that helps the body’s immune system fight an awful disease on its own. Also, we have semiglutides fighting the awful Type 2 Diabetes and helping people to lose weight, restore liver function and restore pancreatic function.

Various universities are experimenting with consciousness and the human body’s abilities to heal itself and are even working on being able to download consciousness onto computers. If you can hold out for a few years, our science may just catch up to the Divine Mind’s, whose essence we hold. It is unfortunate that certain world powers have sought to put humans to sleep to prevent everyone from benefiting from this ‘science‘. That time has come to an end.

Scientists are saying that with 2.5 ml of your own blood they can clone your heart. There are farms creating genetically-modified pigs for the same purpose so there are numerous hearts that will be available for transplanting. These pigs have also been approved for food and are missing components that some humans find hard to digest.

Additionally, they’ve already begun implanting these genetically-modified pig hearts into humans. Why wait for your heart to go bad? Are you up for beginning automatic transplants by age 40? This will be an option at least until you can regenerate the same using only mental faculties. Just wait — it’s coming. In fact for some, it’s already here.

If you have a creative-minded young one, perhaps you should introduce them to the sciences. The world could use them.

So What Happens to Kids if Humans Live Forever?

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If you were in a world where all disease was cured via physical and mental sciences, and you could live forever or live to be 200 years old, or however old you want to be, always advancing in knowledge, would you have kids again at age 125?

Would you choose to marry and remain with the same mate for that long a time or do you think you would sign a 25 year relationship contract that was renewable [or not]? How stressful do you think it would be if your partner chose not to renew when you wanted to?

Certain scriptures state there is no male or female, nor marriage in the upper realms, and that makes perfect sense for eternal beings. Can’t you see your perfect, ever-maturing, advanced self having no need of anything or anyone lest you attract it to yourself via manifestation and/or science?

What effect do you think extra long or eternal life should have on the concept of life imprisonment? Do you think criminals or those with certain psychosis should be forced to endure conscious uploads or certain surgeries and drugs to improve their mental states?

Will scientists work as hard to keep women fertile for 200 years, 300 years, for eternity? Will women WANT to be fertile for that long? Do you think a forever physical body will require that women remain fertile for life? If it does, will you choose fertility or opt into a form of permanent birth control or cessation of menstruation? At what age?

What will happen with the retirement age? Should 200 year old humans be required to work til they are 150?

Somebody’s bound to have an accident that takes them out. Should everyone have clones of themselves and mental programs stored just in case this happens so they can be reuploaded each night into a database to pretty much retain who they are if they destroy their bodies? What will this do to the justice system when criminals can no longer get rid of witnesses?

Will there be specific races for cloned bodies or laws stating, which body you can get into, based on which race you are born into? What would the prime population be? How would we protect those professionals who do all of the work keeping us alive? How does this advancement affect religion and the question of good vs evil, since spirituality, in a broad sense, is based on ignorance and the lack of the ability to explain phenomena in any other way?

Things to think about as you advance in the world.

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