The #Organic #Oolong , #Honey and Other #Tips for #Weight #Loss

#My #Story about How I #Killed #ObetiaP

I am not a doctor, health practitioner or weight loss instructor, however I am a person who recently lost 58 lbs (since May of 2014) and plan to 8507b-images#keepitoff for the rest of my life because I feel so much better now!

The first time I saw the words #morbidly #obese was at the ob/gyn office back in the late 1990’s.  I had to get one of my files from the doctor’s office and happened to glance at her personal notes on my chart.  I was insulted.  Seriously, I felt like she was lying and being over the top because it was something about me that she did not like.  I was being very silly because she was trying to #save my #life.

Over the years, I got bigger until last year I tippedbroken the scales at a whopping 107 pounds above the normal weight for my body frame and height!  I HAD ANOTHER, VERY UNATTRACTIVE WOMAN RIDING ON MY BACK 24 HOURS A DAY / 7 DAYS A WEEK!  I needed four kidneys, four lungs, 2 hearts, 4 legs, 4 arms, 2 brains, 2 nervous systems, etc. and I ONLY HAD HALF OF WHAT I NEEDED TO SUPPORT BOTH OF US.  I called her Obetia Phaat and she had to die because if she didn’t, she’d kill me.

Obetia wrapped her arms around my neck all day everyday and it felt like she was choking the life out of me.  My back ache, and so did my knees.  I could actually hear my heart beating at night as she attempted to steal all of its power.  It’s easier for me to make a list of other side effects, I am a list-maker, you know so here goes:

hard to sit in chair at work for extended periods without neck and back pain

sleep apnea


could not tie shoe or do pedicures on myself

could not walk from building to car in parking lot without panting like I’d run a marathon

numb digits due to cut off circulation on fat arms and swollen ankles

increased shoe size

loss of neck

obsessed with food and constantly hungry due to carb overload

very difficult to copulate (loss of movement – but, hard surfaces like a floor helped – LOL)

constant urination due to blood sugar overload

carb addiction

irrational emotions and excess hair growth (now keep in mind, all this left with diet change below [cuz I am starting to sound like a freak] — I found out that the hair growth also came from mineral oil and petroleum based products, but that is another blog post.

Plan of Attack

I had to trick Obetia into helping me kill her so it was a multi-level attack!  One diet, one trick, one food, just would not do!  She had attacked me on multiple levels so I was determined to get her back the same way.  I had to deal with the ‘highness’ of the “full-satiated’ feeling, the emotions of the highs of eating, the craft-time called cooking — all of that (I am now a mug collector).  Certain things that I loved to do like bake cakes in my new cakeware had to be replaced with other things, like making elaborate tea concoctions that were full of green tea #medicine, but low fat / low carb.  Are you ready?  Load your weapons, and let’s kill the Obetians!

I Had to Learn HOW TO EAT!

I went to a doctor because I felt Obetia P. had gained too much momentum
and my blood pressure and BMI needed to be monitored by a professional.  I did not want to have a heart attack.  High glycolic level foods and carbs make fat.  Actually, too much of anything can make fat, but we have to understand how the liver processes fat. I had to change my focus from the stomach to the liver. Which foods does the liver consider as poisons and store into fat?  How do artificial sweeteners turn into fat in your liver?  What is fatty liver and how is it created?  I started to educate myself, but I TAILORED the program to me and as long as I was consistently losing weight and was healthy, I was okay with it.

Sometimes I would lose weight overnight just eating a steak and tomatoes the night before. I am including two books here because you have to read more than ONE and compare — use your own mind, know your own body and decide, with a doctor, which route is the best route for you to take.  All I can tell you is that beef was NOT cut out of my diet, even though I learned a lot from other books who did not recommend it.

#Calorie #Burning vs #Carbs

Calories do count, however it is counterproductive to count calories and not carbs, because carbs will make you so hungry that you will most likely blow your new lifestyle change.  Humans are not hard-wired to ascribe to torment and that is what #hunger is designed to feel like.  High Processed Carbs = High Hunger.  Make sure your carbs count and that they are accompanied with protein, not sugar and yeast!  It is natural for humans to like sweet things because even water should not be bitter.  Protein shakes were a lifesaver and these are quite good with frozen blueberries!  There are loads of great sweeteners that are natural and NOT unhealthy.  Diabetics should see their physicians because #stevia, which has been a life-safer for me (literally) can lower blood sugar, but remember:  all stevia is not created equal!  Here’s a fave and this three-pack is about the most economical that you’ll find!


I replaced my man with HCG — that’s how much I love the stuff!  Now keep in mind, it’s only been 9 months for me so I cannot personally speak to the long-term implications HOWEVAH, I am willing to bet they are no worse than the long-term implications of Obetia P. and her friends pounding you into the ground!  Also, I will be VERY honest with you.  I found it hard to keep my calories below 700 cal a day under a doctor’s care.  I still lost weight.  I used the #sublingual version, which you place under the tongue and I found that a quick dose before bedtime works wonders and for some reason, I lost the most weight on Thursdays — go figure????!!! I used the real thing that is only available from a doctor, but there are a lot of imitations that claim to have the same benefits and that people swear by. HCG is just a chemical you know.Here’s a good one that people swear by!

Organic Oolong Tea and Honey

I know everything about everything that there is to know about green tea and I learned most of it from #Youtube.  I made it a point NEVER to purchase green tea unless the writing was in some Asian language I could not understand.  At first, I will admit, it smelled a bit like sewer water, but a little cinnamon and #Skinnygirl works absolute wonders and I definitely ascribe some of my weight loss to this tea — it also does not have you going to the bathroom all the time — THE GOOD STUFF HEALS THAT!  Now Oolong is suppose to be some of the best tea for weight loss and it is green tea that is slightly fermented, but not to the point that it is considered as black tea.  I drink it cold, I drink it hot, I’m drinking it now, I drink it a lot!  That rhymed — LOL! You can mix it hot with a tablespoon of honey for an evening medicine snack and if you are a recovering sweetaholic like I was, add some stevia to that and it will be purrrrrfect! I personally recommend the Prince of Peace brand and I’m not talking Jesus here.

Alright you guys.  And I’m talking you addicted, dream about buffet, McDonald’s for breakfast in the car eating peeps.  I got you. I’m with you. We can do this.  And that woman named Obetia P. is in hospice with no nurses or loved ones! She WILL NOT live!


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