The Circle of Light and Discovery

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There is a Growing Number of People Who Seek to Walk in Understanding and Truth.

Sometimes you do not know what is happening in your life. When in a crunch you may fall back to old teachings and wive’s tales that did not and still do not serve. The good news is that typically, all things lead to truth, but it is better to take the shorter route to save yourself a lot of time, energy and trouble.

Uncover Yourself and Hidden Enemies Through Discovery.

Recently I had a situation that was obviously sent by diabolical sources — it was too unbelievable to be a natural occurrence. Honestly, I wasn’t sure where it came from and had forgotten some past situations that could have enlightened me. I centered myself and did a reading, and it became clear where the negativity was coming from — specific people who were walking in unforgiveness. 

Sometimes you don’t even care where it is coming from, you activate your protection to deal with the issues. Soon after, you will hear something that enlightens you or you just go on with your life. There are times when it is important to discover hidden enemies to prevent you from feeding them information or allowing them access into the precious treasures of your life, even if that enemy is you.

What is the Circle of Light and Discovery.

Members of the Circle are not evil. Members are light energy people who are curious, informed, purposeful, positive, aware, realistic, fair and just. Members of the Circle do not seek discovery to be nosy or for vainglory, but choose tools and methods of discovery to help themselves and others to live more fulfilling and positive lives, realizing that the more light we can build, the better for the entire society.

The Circle of Light and Discovery is a large group of individuals on Earth who are in tune with their Guides and who seek knowledge to send positive energy out into the world. Members are not prejudice and they do not discriminate against any particular spiritual path. They accept all good seekers.

They understand people are hurting and they purposefully send out healing energy versus condemnation. They realize some people are lost so they pray for their and their community’s protection from these energies and they use intention, with love, to promote goodness. They are open-minded and not shut off from the world, so they have a good understanding of what ‘goodness’ really is.

Join the Circle of Light and Discovery.

Members of the Circle of Light and Discovery are from all over the world to include Canada, U.K. Africa, Australia, India, China, Russia, United States etc. The Circle looks to follow other members online, on social media, in conferences and in the public speaking circuit to help forward and spread spiritual food throughout the world, and to provide testimonials, readings and channelings so that others can learn and understand who they are as light beings.

I am a member of the Circle of Light and Discovery, therefore all of my pages, blogs and platforms are used to spread this message. We are not perfect people, but we are people who are self-correcting and who are striving to be better and to spiritually evolve.

Join us.



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