Releasing Anger

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Holding on to Anger Creates Anxiety.

Unforgiveness is directly related to anger. Someone did something you did not like, in fact, it was down right evil, and it is hard to let go the thought of it. Perhaps the offender is still committing the offense or you are living through the consequences of it. One thing you must understand is life can be challenging for everyone. It is easier when you release anger and let peace flood your heart. Love also makes it easier to deal with situations.Breathe deeply. Ask your angels and guides to prevent you from walking into any additional challenges. Ask for forgiveness. Ask for more love and acceptance. The spirit you carry and walk in can really change those around you and vice versa. Let the negativity go.

Releasing Anger Does Not Excuse the Offense.

There are times when you need vengeance. An act has been done and the balance is off. The act can make you feel like you don’t matter. Something must be done to restore the balance, however who is qualified to judge? YOU DO MATTER AND WHAT WAS DONE TO YOU IS WRONG! There, it’s been said. You will always take your own side in a situation, however sometimes there is blame on both sides. However, when you are in a situation where you were an innocent victim, you must trust that the natural balance will be restored, but you must still release anger.Anger is an emotion that comes up automatically. It is not one that you should reside in.

Anger is a Continual Punishment to Yourself.

Anger makes you feel like you are in control, but it gradually does the opposite — it takes away your control. Pretty soon you find you are getting upset more and more when all you really wanted was to protect yourself. The energy of anger causes headaches, backaches, strokes, heart attacks, cancer, mental health issues and so many other ailments. To hold onto it is punishment of the self. You must let that sink in. Many times you cannot lawfully avenge yourself. You must leave it up to the Higher Powers to judge the situation. Sometimes it is not the person who wronged you that caused your continued anxiety. It is you who will not release the offense.If you do, everything will work out for your good. Sometimes it won’t happen on it’s own, there is work you must do to release anger.

You can use other ways to be in control. One of those ways is positive self-talk. Constantly remind yourself you will be fine and you are protected. Develop a strong relationship with your spirit guides, ancestors and protective energies so that you feel safer. If you feel unsafe, tell somebody who can do something about it. If you are no longer unsafe, remember to breathe deeply and redirect your thoughts to a positive place when your mind begins to turn to the object of your anger. Releasing anger is a conscious effort that you must work on daily, especially if you have a tendency to hold on to the negative memories of life situations.

Good luck in your work on releasing anger.Once continual anger sets in, it really does take work to release it.



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