The Power of Protection

beautiful woman in white dress sitting beside white tiger

Living in Fear is Not an Option.

Earth is a beautiful, matchless garden, however from time to time the energies that exist here in plants, animals, man and non-corporeal beings can become chaotic. Whether you call on the Archangels, the Orisha, the Holy Ghost or your own circle of Fire and Light, protection is mandatory in the world we live in today. We know ALL is light and energy of varying degrees, to include you, and these forces of light, no matter the color or type, can wreak havoc if not properly contained by more powerful and intentional conscious energy.

There are many of you who feel unlucky and who are burdened by trouble after trouble in your lives. You must learn that many people understand how to live well and their intentions are not always to your benefit. When you put conscious energetic forces into place, you can enjoy a smoother more prosperous life.

Be Honest With Yourself.

Nobody’s perfect so do not think you do not deserve protection because of your flaws. Everybody deserves protection, the U.S. justice system teaches us that. It is important that you understand some forms of protection do backfire, particularly dark or chaotic forces, so stick to energies that are steady, tried and true. Also, never cease to perfect yourself and move toward soul evolution.

Get to Know Your Spiritual System.

You don’t have to be religious. You can even be eclectic, however you need to know who you are working with. How do you know?  Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How long have I studied these energies?
  2. What has been my experience when dealing with them?
  3. Who do I know that works with them and how is that person faring?
  4. What types of things happen around me when I deal with these energies?
  5. Have I followed the advice of the Energies I am working with or do I rebel against them?
  6. Am I a person of intention or do I live haphazardly day to day?
That last question has a caviat. There are certain individuals who are afforded a level of spiritual/energetic guardianship because they are unable to walk with intense focus. These include children, the elderly, certain persons with intellectual disabilities or other specific special needs. By special needs, I do not mean those with anger management issues. Though the aforementioned may be victimized, it is not good to be the perpetrator. They come with assigned protections, we all do. However, due to the type world we live in, those who are knowledgeable realize they must call on forces greater than themselves to add to their own power to live the best lives they can in this beautiful garden called Earth, who can be or hold a few tricksters at times.

Where Do You Start?

There are many spiritual and spirit science books available in libraries, bookstores and online. Numerous spiritual teachers are available on the YT. I’d suggest you begin by learning about certain stones such as tiger’s eye and black obsidian. Study various books to learn about herbs and incenses like, Palo Santo, sage and dragon’s blood. Learn to center yourself and work with light via meditation, sound and mantras. Know your spiritual rights by studying sacred texts like the Psalms and Tarot.

Happy learning!



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