The Dark Lord is Hiding So He Can Continue His Work.

The Fellowship of the Ring Screen print by Juan Esteban Rodru00edguez is licensed under CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0

I See Him Through the Tarot

Yes, the Oracles reveal him in readings, yet he hides behind child abuse, trauma, MRIs and other explanations. He has affected your ancestors for generations, masquerading as natural illness. Sure, there can be other explanations, however humans were created to heal with proper treatment. What’s stopping the healing? Sometimes it’s the Dark Lord.

He changes your chemical make up and affects the heart and mind by blocking crown and heart chakras, creating shadows, visions, voices, nightmares and all manner of oppression. Why do you not command him to leave? Because he tells you he does not exist, yet he continually draws perpetrators to you, those who are attracted to the shadows see his shadow over you, which is why certain situations are drawn to you and reoccur over and over again.

Rid Yourself of the Dark Lord.

Refuse to allow him to live in your vicinity. Check your altars. Did you begin to worship a certain deity when all of the crap hit the fan? If so, dismantle the altar and get it out of your space. Call on Beings of Love and Light to protect you DAILY.

Flood your space with sage, frankincense and myrrh. Play soft, positive sounds like music that lifts the vibration of the atmosphere. Pray and meditate, under the care of an experienced shaman or spiritual person, until you learn to do it on your own. Take your medicine. A Dark Lord can do nothing with a body protected by certain chemicals, which ultimately have come from the sacred plant kingdom. Change your diet. Some foods that you eat can aggravate your mind or digestive systems, hence affecting your soul.

It is imperative to deal with him from all angles and the spiritual angle is highly valid for it is more than spiritual. It is the physical of the most detailed and elemental sort.


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