The Upside Down Phenomena

The Birds Have Been Singing All Night.

Also, several other occurrences have reversed from their normal direction, almost as if the Earth has begun turning and shifting in a different direction, so much so that Her magnetic pull has altered the energy of consciousness.
There was a time when humans felt they were suffering alone, however now we all know others have been affected by what this energy shift has brought about. Things are not the same.

What is Consciousness and How has It Been Affected by the Upside Down Phenomena?

The young ones won’t be affected as much since this new life will be all they know. Those who are adults ages 18 and 65 will feel it the most. Those over 65 have already adjusted to so much change that this will be par for the course.
Consciousness is a certain type of energy that brings about change without outside manipulation. It shifts, in and outside of physical bodies, simply because It wants to. What we consider to be Upside Down, could actually be a bigger universal wheel, whose alternate and much Higher Astrological House we have entered.  We know the Age of Aquarius, but what of the Age of Something Else, that affects the Sun and Planets, thereby shifting all of humanity and the animals into another dimension.

How Do You Cope with The Shift?

You’ll need new rules to navigate the Altered Universal Mind. You will have to reason with The Mind when things get too unstructured.
Sometimes things will feel unfair and they are. The Universal Mind may seem like a Trickster and you may have to let Them get away with some things. Keep it light and don’t hold grudges.
Take your time making decisions. Consequences of what you do can last a lifetime, even if only in your precious mind, which is sacred and absolutely worthy of protection.
Find someone to talk to and provide support for them also. The rescue and support should be mutual, and offering to others prevents victim archetypes from forming, which makes all of this much worse.
I believe that in this season, communication, learning to let go and flexibility will ALL be key in navigating this Transition. Since it is new for all of us, if you’ve discovered some tricks, let us know in the comments.
Renee Tarot


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