There is a Pressure to Act Okay When You’re Not. How to Become Okay.

It is Not Okay to Not Be Okay In This Current World.

Yes, your boss may give you a day or two to pull it together. The company may even offer a certain amount of mandated leave, but soon you are on the HR radar and the concocted paper trail begins….let’s be real.

Family members and friends will listen to you, but after a while they get tired because your unidentified negative Electrical Impulses can affect them. At the end of the day the world tells you it is incumbent upon each of you to make use of the world’s resources and get yourselves together!

But What Happens When Your Problem Remains Unidentified?

Unidentified worries and issues have a way of showing up around you because ALL is MIND, which is ENERGY.  These energetic states of being called circumstances pervade your dreams and sometimes turn them into nightmares. They ride through the channels of your neural impulses to create and exacerbate anxiety.  These electrical impulses never remain quiet, but torment you from within the deep recesses of your mind, causing you to lash out at others. The problem has to be coming from somewhere so it’s everybody else, right? Not necessarily.

Unidentified problems lead to many reasons why you suffer from pervasive upset, but what is causing these problems? And how can you figure it all out to solve the issue? Some things that lead to unidentified woes include:

1. Harmful secrets kept from you by someone close to you, and energy or thought attacks from hidden enemies.
2. Energetic oppression or attack from outer or inner corporeal and noncorporeal enemies.
3. Overactive empathic skills that are untrained and cause you to pick up on the feelings of those around you — then you think they are your feelings when they are not.
4. Baggage from the past that has not been dealt with.
5. Unexpressed gifts or callings you may be running from.
6. The inability to see and therefore correct your own learned negative behaviour.
7. Negative generational energies that have run rampant and which constantly feed on your bloodline. Yep, they say you’re just like grandpa.

How to Cure the Oppression from Negative Energy.

You are not meant to be unhappy, and nobody in this world has control over whether you are or not. You are responsible for bringing into equilibrium the part of the DIVINE MIND that lives within you. Let that sink in.

Most of the time, attacks from outside come from your friends and family because nobody else knows you and they don’t really care what you do because they don’t know you. That’s a hard pill to swallow, but it is true. It may take you a week or a month for these things to sink in, but take your time with them because once they do, you will be ready to run to victory!
Following are just a few of the many tips you can use to cure the oppression from negative energy:
  1. Pay attention to your health and your diet. Find a licensed health practitioner you can trust because you deserve to be healthy. Bad diets, illness, yeast, gut bacteria and drug side effects can wreak havoc on you so paying attention to your general physical health is the first step to success.
  2. Once you’ve done your physical due diligence, pay attention to your environment. Do you live in a home that housed people with a lot of ill will toward each other? Is your home dirty or cluttered? Do your sneakers stick to the floor when you walk around? Take a few weekends to clean up! Better to sit on a clean floor than to lounge around on germs, mites and lice. Get a good floor cleaner; pull that 30 year old carpet up; destroy mold and mildew; get rid of great-grandma’s old fabric couch. A bit of spring cleaning goes a really long way!
  3. Now it’s time to look at friends and family because it is those closest to you that drive the deepest daggers. Who do you deal with that every time you talk to them on the phone or go out with them you feel bad or sad afterwards? Who is the most critical of you, feeding the dialogue of most of your negative self talk? Who offers you food and leaves you with a tummy ache? Who shows up in your dreams wielding a gun aimed directly at you? I’m pretty much willing to bet you are fearfully and wonderfully made because I’ve never seen a person who is not, but who tells you bad things about yourself? You may have to spend less time with this particular person or these people. If you are in a situation where you cannot, I guarantee you, if you intentionally meditate on having a peaceful environment, you soon will be able to separate AND you will find yourself better off as a result. NOTHING is impossible.
  4. Now it’s time to change that self talk. You’ve been beating yourself up for a really long time, basically ever since you became self aware around age seven or so. You think you don’t measure up. That is a lie! You are free to succeed. Every electrical impulse that seeks to destroy you is itself destroyed! The Universal Mind leads you to the remedies you need. YOU build up your positive energy reserves through prayer, inspirational and motivational reads, meditation and great mantras practiced every single day! Generational curses will feed on themselves until they self-consume! You did not come to play, you came to slay!
  5. Time to deal with jealousy and envy. Yes, I know your sister was the prom queen and all the boys you liked had a crush on her. Oh, and your mom is the president of all her clubs, when you’d rather be holed up in your room with your Kindle in the dark [unless it’s an old paperwhite and then you use the clamp-on LED]. So you’re not interested in being class president, or the CEO of a company, but you are still highly valuable to this world. Get in where you fit in and do you, even if you have everything ordered and delivered from Amazon and you have not left the house in three weeks because you did not want to, look how many delivery jobs you’ve provided to the community! You’re awesome and getting better every day. There’s no need to hate. You get to be whoever you consciously want to be because we need all the “Game of Thrones” creators we can get! And if all you are good at is keeping kids, you deserve a crown because that would drive many completely insane and we need someone to cradle civilization’s future in their arms! No matter how sad that song you wrote sounds, it is going to pep someone up just because it makes them feel understood so go ahead and write it! You have value, you have merit, but you must live intentionally and drive out all unpleasantness that seeks only to pull down. Stop second-guessing yourself.

The Job of a Spiritual Advisor

Spiritual Advisors like to stick their noses into the electronic pulse of the world and keep it there. They converse often with the Universal Mind and use tools and books to stay informed, often walking through this world with few friends due to an inner drive to remain available to help others.
Most of the time they suffered through exactly what you are dealing with, but they received extrasensory information on how to tackle it. Through their tools and senses, they have learned to speak to language of the Universal Mind and can help you to identify what it is you need to know to energetically rise above your situation.
Spiritual Advisors understand chemicals, which make up everything and everyone, are reduced to energy, which is basically some form of varying levels of conscious electricity and this ‘stuff’ affects us physically, spiritually and mentally. There are numerous ways to identify, improve upon and practice being okay.
Help is available for you!


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