Managing Emotions with the Pisces Stellium

There are a Load of Energies in Pisces, a Sign Requiring None.

Jupiter, Neptune, Juno, Venus, Mars and the Moon are in Pisces; life can feel difficult to manage for the entire world — note the term, feel. All of the planets are direct and Neptune has been there the longest, already wreaking havoc on your dreams, possibly turning them into nightmares, because that is what Neptune enjoys doing when he is direct. So how do you manage all of these emotions concerning love, what your significant male other may be up to, your musings as a wife and Mars weaponizing you to boot?


Those of you who have read my blogs or followed my social media pages already know about conscious electric energy and how it plays on you, influences you and becoming you.Sometimes you have to stop, look and listen. Breathe deeply to regain equilibrium in your mind. If what you are thinking wasn’t anywhere near true about a month ago, it probably is not true now, and even if it is, it won’t last. There are too many emotional fleeting influences for this to be too real, unless it is of course the day you are born, and if that were the case, you wouldn’t be able to read this blog.

Everything you feel isn’t true, which is why it is so important for us to understand astral influences and to be aware of them each day. Besides, even if there is a hint of truth there, you can always change it with your words, purposeful feelings and intentions.

Turn What You are Experiencing Into Something Positive.

So how do you take Neptune, Mars and Juno and convince them not to turn Jupiter and Venus into Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette? Be careful what you say and do these days. Everyone is going to be influenced by this, especially water signs. Less is more in conversations. Trust what you know moreso than what you feel, at least this week, and bask in the joy that you won’t have to feel this particular feeling again in your lifetime, unless Harvard comes up with a way to transfer your consciousness into a new body so that you, in your current state, exists forever. Even if they are able to do that, at least you will know that if you survived this one, you can go through it again!

Take care!



Your Ext.


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