Imagine Your New and Improved World!

Destroy the Thoughts That Bring You Down.

When events occur and affect you in a negative way, reverberations and repercussions take place like a stone hitting a body of water. You didn’t ask for it, but it happened and it hurts.

It takes time to still the waves, and in addition to time, you must reprogram your heart and mind and purposefully tell yourself, ‘everything IS good and will work out as it should.”

When you find yourself reliving a negative past event, you must come up with coping mechanisms to intentionally interrupt the thoughts. Sometimes therapists can assist with providing these methods. At other times, depending upon you and the situation, more controlled methods are required. The main key is to do something!  Do not expect to stop hurting on your own. Get help.

Why Do You Relive Negative Past Events?

There are a number of reasons why you intentionally relive negative past events. Here are a few, but not all:
  1. By reliving the event, you want to remind the Universe that something should be done about what happened, in case the Universe forgets.
  2. Reliving the past event keeps you, in that moment in time, valid and alive. If you did not matter to your victimizer, you must matter to yourself. You think forgetting you in that moment is not an option.
  3. You find it hard to believe that someone could have done that to you. By rethinking it over and over again, you seek to understand pure selfishness. Most of the time this leads to self blame and does not change the victimizer or help the situation.
  4. Fear of a repeat begins to form. There is a fear that if you forget, you will become less vigilant and it can happen again. You never want to be taken off guard.
  5. You don’t like change and you are use to feeling miserable. Who will you become if this situation was gone?
  6. Your perpetrator is still in your life and still victimizing you so they can’t be forgotten.

Once the Negative Thoughts and Events Are Controlled, You Can Soar!

When you ask for and receive help and learn how to control your mind and exit negative situations (physically and mentally), your energy vibrations will change, thus affecting everything that happens around you. There will be certain people who cannot come near you because they will be repulsed by your high vibratory activity or taken away by other humans.

Your circumstances WILL change and they WILL become new and unfamiliar. The people you are use to will leave. Prepare for this.You’ll be fine — better than you are now.

Do NOT let that scare you into going back to or lying for someone you know, even when they hurt you.

The key here is that the change starts within you and you cannot be afraid of change to the point of avoiding unfamiliar territory.

Affirmations for a Great New Life

  1. I rise above negativity that exists in other time spaces and learn good things from those experiences. Everybody can.
  2. Help is available for me and I use it.
  3. My focus on the positive pushes me in a forward direction where I want to be.
  4. I am not afraid of the unknown. Earth is my home and Mother.
  5. I release and forget everything that does not serve me. (let this sink in)
  6. I am always protected from harm and danger.
  7. I embrace my new and improved soul and vibration.
Happy Changing!


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Renee Tarot

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