Becoming | Let Go of What Does Not Serve You!

A Victim Need Not Become the Victimizer.

Let it end with you. It’s true, someone treated you very badly. Sometimes the energy of that person attempts to merge with your own and pretty soon you find yourself becoming them. The good news is you can stop it in its tracks and use what you know to recreate yourself. It is true you were victimized. Reject the victimizer’s energy. Embrace who you want to become.

No Matter How Difficult, the Task is Not Impossible.

Sometimes you may feel like you are really struggling with the negative energy that faced you in the past. It could happen at a certain time of day or a certain season of the year. The purpose of energy is to recreate itself, but what you need is a spiritual abortion.

You do NOT have to become or reproduce negative energy from a perpetrator. Let it die. Fight through it. Focus your attention on who you want to become. Be self aware and observe yourself loosely so you can recognize when it’s them. Reject them over and over again until the energy leaves. Then become the you that you want to be.
Follow people who embody who you want to become. Read books that lead you to the water you want to drink. Nurture your true identity and the seedlings of energy you are embracing for yourself.  You can become whoever you choose to be!


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Renee Tarot

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