October 2021 Horoscope

Are You Really Ready for Love?

If you enjoy delving into the natural universal influences, stay tuned and we’ll talk Astrology and what’s coming up for October 2021.

As I looked at the Wheel of Time | the Wheel of Occurrences, the first thing that struck me was resurgence of old fashioned love relationships. If you’ve been pretty free loving, you may feel the need to pull back and you may question your desire for a traditional relationship, however don’t make any hard and fast moves toward it, specifically not now if you know you’ve never really wanted that type of thing. Put the thoughts and feelings on hold until the end of the year. Keep a love journal, which includes your personal thoughts about relationships and read over it before the New Year. In this season of high psychic connections, you have to ensure that your thoughts are your own.

Why Do You Feel the Need to Confess?

Speaking of your own personal thoughts, I have an astro question that some of you will need to delve into in October. Simply, “why do you want to confess?” Will it help you or someone else? Do you feel guilty because you can’t forgive yourself? If you don’t ever confess and you are not hurting anyone by not confessing, perhaps it is time to ease up on yourself. Take up a hobby to get your mind off of things for a month or two and stop watching so much TV where the good guys always win, unless you see yourself as a good guy.

What Do You Do With All the Retrogrades?

We’ve talked before about what that means: old souls being born when there are lots of retrogrades; intense introspection about who you are and why you feel and think the way you do…which is something you should do from time to time as you grow; and rethinking what you want to do for a living or in your career. With Neptune retrograde in Pisces, it’s not a bad time to think through your 2022 plan because the year will likely start off with a bang as Jupiter enters at 0 deg of Pisces, and the 1st quarter of the year can put the family at risk favoring the larger collective.

It’s Time to Be Strong.

I find that when constellations are not encumbered by planets and asteroids, they have a tendency to let loose. Basically, this means they are more potent in their manifestation in your life. For this reason, expect to be a bit bolder and stronger in October and prepare to dare to be different as almost the entire southern hemisphere of the astral plane is free. This could have a bearing geographically as well indicating northern states and countries experience more challenges than those below the equator.

Take that best friend’s dare — it’s now or never, or at least not for a good long time 🙂

There’s a news report out there that a Moderna administrator believes the pandemic will be over in a year. Actually, this is being reported by Forbes, MSN, Reuters, Fox Business….quite a few people. Perhaps he will prove to be correct, but when facing future lockdowns, a year can seem like a really long time. Just know you got this!

Will There Be Another Baby Boom in 2022?

Currently, Amazon’s top selling items in the baby department are wipes and newborn swaddlers. Click on the previous sentence if you need proof. I’m sure you’ve all seen a few more babies than usual as a result of 2020’s quarantine, and it can definitely happen again next summer with the energies making young and older women believe they will be loved forever by amorous hunters. Whether or not everything he says to you is true, baby comes, especially with Lilith retro in Gemini at the end of the month, keeping you from the abortion clinic.

I’ve peeked over into Summer 2022, and it will be ripe for overcrowding in maternity wards. Take my advice and double or triple up on contraceptives this month because you don’t know how many more baby booms you’ll get going forward.

Take care.

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