Magick Expounds on Philosophy and Reveals Life’s Secrets and Other Stuff to Think About

The Questions of Philosophy are Thousands of Years Old.

Philo – sophy is the love of wisdom. Witches or Wicce are wise women or people. Who would love wisdom more than a magickal practitioner as the knowledge and wisdom earned would serve to enhance their understanding of correspondences? The entire idea of magick is to know what the Invisible Power(s) needs to see to get one what they want.

When Exploring Your Spirituality, Begin With What You Know, That Can’t Be Logically Denied by Others.

You know that there are major discrepancies with the gods of old vs those of today. Why do the gods change? There is no doubt that the gods have morphed over the years, typically changing as kings and kingdoms change.

Why do the gods contradict themselves in their own books? There is no doubt that this also, has happened, especially in light of the fact that the ‘god’s’ depend on humans to write their books. Don’t you love when said humans declare that they are the ‘final’ prophet?

Why do humans confuse myth, legend and truth? It is likely that humans as co-creators with the unseen are making truth up as they go, which is all the more reason to be careful.

Animals, other than dogs, do not appear to be troubled by the future, however they show a strong desire for finding shelter in a storm, and even in that, they are not troubled, but look for what they know is. What makes dogs different, and if dogs do have the potential to worry or to feel sadness, why is the term ‘dog’ or ‘dogged’ so derogatory when used to describe humans? Perhaps it is because we see dog traits in humans as a lack of self-control.

At the end of the day, humans are the only ones on earth who are attempting to come up with, record, and propagate spiritual or religious systems, but why? When you consider the fact that every religious system starts with the elevation of some human person, family or country, the question is easily answered.

You Can’t Patent Consciousness.

It is difficult to deny the existence of the Invisible Consciousness when you see it at work all of the time. Humans must put themselves to sleep in fear to avoid it. Why must humans put wisdom and knowledge in a box? The Subconscious Mind is a large body of thoughts with numerous different heads and possibly no hearts. It speaks, it helps, it hurts, it pays — is it God? Is it always right? How can every human benefit from the Acts of Subconsciousness? Can Evil thwart what subconsciousness wants to create? Is there a such thing as Evil?

I believe there is. Evil is anything that destroys rational thought and good health.

Can Humans be Good?

If you believe sex is dirty and you try to stop hormonal young adults from doing it, then your answer is probably no. If you say that evil cannot lead to good, then you lie. Therefore, if evil leads to good, does that make evil good?

When you think of how UN employees left their bodily wastes to infect the waters of Haiti you may think it was evil. If you feel that it exposes Haiti’s lack of sewerage, then you may think it was necessary, because it caused action and awareness to something that was formerly ignored.

When you think of the great Rwandan tragedy and the pain and death it left behind, and consider the country’s efforts today in eradicating any attempt to recreate the genocide, you see that the awful and tragic mishap served to educate the country, at least to some extent.

Typically, all actions lead to improvement. It is when humans forget or are unaware, unaffected or uneducated about said actions, that evil persists. Additionally, when humans are fighting for the basics of life; food, clothing or shelter; generally animal nature ensues and all philosophies go out of the window. For this reason, you cannot hope to have a better world until the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are met. And even with these goals being met, some humans, due to astrological tendencies, will still seek to wreak havoc on the innocent.

Now if the Natal Wheel is designed to cause men harm due to its perpetuation of the works of the flesh [Gal 5: 16-21], how can man ever reach UN goals? Caviat: By quoting the previous Bible scripture I am using the Book as a Philosophical Treatise.

Consider that every negative aspect of the works of the flesh can be seen a different way. For example, there are those who would seek to destroy cults of Dionysus, however apparently, He has His place in society — a place of stress relief, thereby causing Him to defend his cults vigorously.

Humans Are Not Yet Perfect Because They Do Not Listen to the Subconscious Mind.

Try as we might, a crack in a municipal water system could lead to bacteria that leads to urinary tract infections for an entire city, which leads to babies being born with ADHD, which leads to a wave of crime. Despite this, you can be guaranteed that someone in the city had a dream or premonition before the crack happened, yet they ignored it or did not publicize it properly.

It is imperative that we study the Subconscious Mind for It does exists, only not in the form that is perpetuated by modern religious thought.

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