Magick Has Returned. Are You Ready for It? [A Stream of Consciousness Rant]

It’s Hard to Trust What You Do Not Understand.

So you’ve watched a few episodes of “Married at First Sight” and you realize the intense fear people feel about dealing with others they are not familiar with. They don’t know what their mate looks like; what they’re mate’s families are like; or how their mate will react to them. It’s nerve wracking and enough to make you become a runaway bride or groom. You generally don’t like the unknown, which is what magick is to some.

It’s not limited to mates alone, but also to new jobs, new schools, new cities, new neighborhoods, new anything. Will you mix in well and find fast friends? Will you like the new surroundings and feel at home? And with magick, the big question is will you be protected from someone else that means you harm? But how would you feel about magick if you knew that It, in and of Itself is Protection?

The Salem Witch Trials; Heck, ALL of the Witch Trials Were About FEAR & CONTROL!

Nobody cared about people being healed by magickal midwives, or of farmers manifesting bountiful crops, that might make them a lot of money, but would also fill a lot of bellies. People did not care about how magick would allow them to travel to other lands quickly or port to other worlds. What people feared most about magick is It is an invisible misunderstood Power, which they have no control over [because they did not make time to understand It], and which may take something from them. They feared that It could kill them without judge and jury, but only at the whim of one soul. They feared what magick could take from them, and that they had no real protection from it. They did not understand that magick regulates Itself, and that Its power could be fed and led in the wrong way by fear, which is a form of faith and agreement with the enemy who wields the Power illegally.

You always want to feel that you are protected from unseen danger.

It starts every morning when you wake up to the sound of an alarm clock that was set the night before because you feared you could not trust your body to wake up on its own. Your first fear every day is of letting yourself down, which could result in you losing your job….you wake up to lack of trust and fear of what you might do to your own prosperity.

Secondly, you may open your previously locked windows to let fresh air into your home — these windows were locked the night before to keep out burglars and marauders. Some of you may even open up previously locked doors, but you keep the patio screens secure to ensure you remain safe in the sun. You then hop into the shower to wash off your natural odors, that could be offensive to some and result in rejection. After dressing (while wondering whether or not the people who see you will like and accept your outfit) you take vitamins, not trusting that the food you eat will do the job of nourishing you.

You hop into your vehicles or trot to the subway, paying attention to danger and warning signs all the way to your destination. Signs that did not exist 100 years ago. Once in your mode of transportation, you listen to the news, and we do not need to expound on what that does to you.

You live, breathe, eat and die in a fear-based society, all day, every day.

Does Magick Have a Chance in a Fear-Based Society?

Yes it does, but you will have to change how you see things. Years ago, many of your grandparents and great grands gave all of their magick to the church because they trusted that those who knew how to read, the ones in power, were good and could be trusted. That, or they feared ridicule and death. They soon discovered that no one is any better than anyone else and that humans were just that….human.

Now as the Age of Aquarius is upon the people, they feel the shift of power, and government thinks that the only control they have over the people is, illegal magick, because they fear nature. But one thing they did not bank on is that people who are naturally magickal realize when they are being magicked, which causes the magick against them not to work as well. Most magick is persuasion anyway.

The Limitless Power is Neutral.

It just is — It’s there — everywhere and It sees you and you see It and It is telepathically imparting into You what to do to use It. Nothing exists outside of It, however It can be dangerous to the fearful and It does abide by laws that either It created naturally or that were created by the It that was before It. That’s magick in a nutshell.

But as you know, someone is always trying to capitalize on something else. You hear on the news how somebody tried to get money from breaking up old street asphalt and you ask yourself, “who in the heck would buy it?” Then you find out some old dentist bought it because they learned how to make cheaper false teeth from it, even though the bleach used to make the false tooth, causes the user to catch cancer after a few years, but who cares. It made the dentist rich, but I digress. The point is people are always trying to find a way to get ahead, but why? Because they think they are suppose to since every TV show, series, movie, play and book stars or features someone who is trying to get ahead, but what would happen if we stop that trope — the trope of getting ahead.

Stop the Fear Trope! It is Limiting Mankind and Magick.

If creators stopped the fear trope, you could tap into your true gifts and prosper organically. If you and your kids had no tele-Vision board training your psyche to be a criminal, you likely would not even think about it. There would be no anger, no child abuse, no fear of lack, no covetous thoughts or discontent.

No man would be afraid of women getting ahead in life. No teacher would fear his/her student because the teacher would realize that to be in the presence of that student prospers them as well.

Magick could reign supreme in a purposeful age of a new kind of innocence, but you have to consider something else. With the ghosts of fallen giants and rejected angels roaring all over the land in search of their generational ration of blood, an entire world of demons would go unfed, and that would never do, unless enough magick could be conjured to get rid of them.

Oops. I’ve probably just scared you again because you know deep down inside you have a demon and you are afraid of what might happen to you if you were one of the ones targeted by this great magickal inquisition that I just mentioned. And if you do have demons, who attached themselves to you because you were in trouble and really needed their help, then maybe if they were the only ones who came to your rescue, they need to be here. Does that mean people with awful tempers should be left alone to do as they will? There’s an old church saying that goes, “don’t let the devil ride because if you let him ride, he’ll want to drive.” This means that instead of watching creative pursuits that breed fear, you need to learn how to control your demons ‘cuz they ain’t goin’ nowhere, especially since they were here before you.

Someone is going to control the magick, either for you or it will be you so it may as well be you because NONE of us can do anything about the demons. Even the church has them. And the government has them too, they’re everywhere.

Soooo, if various cultures have made up myths to make you fear demons, perhaps this simply means nobody has taken the time to understand what is suppose to be here. Perhaps demons are misunderstood because they are the ugly ones. Their energy is just a bit….off. Maybe if they were treated better, they’d act better. Maybe if Hollywood, and Atlantawood and everywhere else that tapes movies would stop promoting the beautiful ones, then the ugly ones would not feel so bad and might quit bullying you. They’ll still crave blood so what will you feed them? You’ll feed them, the blood of all the cows, pigs and chickens you ate last year. Just because you fried the blood does that make you innocent? Man, we are so hypocritical!

Your life and magick will change when you stop being afraid of the dark and of monsters — embrace the warts and slime, just as you would a lumpy maple tree that is leaking syrup. Understand that handsome people are highly murderous — we’ve got it all wrong.

When you understand that everything around you has the potential for good, and that the biblical text, All things work together for good to those who love God and who are called according to His purpose, meaning ALL purpose, is not just biblical but Universal, only then can magick abound for the good of all on Earth — and it most definitely will at some point.

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