Magick Has Returned. Are You Ready for It? [A Stream of Consciousness Rant]

It’s Hard to Trust What You Do Not Understand.

So you’ve watched a few episodes of “Married at First Sight” and you realize the intense fear people feel about dealing with others they are not familiar with. They don’t know what their mate looks like; what they’re mate’s families are like; or how their mate will react to them. It’s nerve wracking and enough to make you become a runaway bride or groom. You generally don’t like the unknown, which is what magick is to some.

It’s not limited to mates alone, but also to new jobs, new schools, new cities, new neighborhoods, new anything. Will you mix in well and find fast friends? Will you like the new surroundings and feel at home? And with magick, the big question is will you be protected from someone else that means you harm? But how would you feel about magick if you knew that It, in and of Itself is Protection?

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What is Magick? Understand the Law of Ritual.

The Evolution of Magick

Magick was once a very simple concept among human beings in prehistoric times, and was considered as the special ability to effect change — something that the average person could not do or explain.  In the past, nature and the happenings in the sky were seen as magickal, as was the pregnant female or the ability to obtain a harvest from the fields.

Over the course of many years and political regimes, magick evolved from a reverence of nature to an idea that some people consorted with evil spirits or entities and could get them  to cause things to happen.  However, in recent times, we have begun to embrace the idea that magick is the ability to manipulate energy, and we now understand there is no such thing as ‘mass’ as we knew it 30 years ago, only energy and waves, but there’s more.

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