What Do Pagans Believe? (Intention with Silence) A Pagan Philosophy

There is Power that Exists in Zipping It.

The other day I read a very enlightening post about the importance of silence in prayers and magickal workings.  In this absolutely wonderful piece entitled, “To Know, To Will, To Dare and To Keep Silent” by Estelle Daniels the author outlined what was in her opinion the appropriate steps to successful energy work.  I learned about what was possibly delaying some of my requests, that I had released (or so I thought) into the atmosphere.

Despite what Hollywood has attempted to portray, members of the #Pagan community, more specifically practitioners, are generally very nice and loving people.  Just so you know energy workers all have the option of getting regular jobs (if they don’t have them already), but instead many of them follow their hearts and callings, risking ostracism from the outside world, to help society and friends — and not for mega bucks.  Energy workers need love just like everyone else, but sometimes, those they think are friends are staying close, but not for the reasons they think!

What Do You Do When Your Spiritual Practice is Stuck?

Do your magickal intentions seem hindered, remaining outside of your 3D grasp even after you have done the work or rituals to get things going in the right direction?

There were certain spiritual rituals that were taking longer to manifest than I thought they should, requiring that I repeat the ritual.  Months before, a woman who worked at one of the local herb shops looked at me and said, “You need to be silent about the work that you are doing.”  This older wise woman’s advise was spontaneous, unsolicited and free of charge and something she’d just picked up during our transaction.  I heard her, but continued to tell non-pagan folks about the work I was doing, hell they were the only people I had to talk to on the phone and I was excited about it so I wanted to tell someone about my good news and discoveries.

The Secret Doctrine: The Synthesis of Science, Religion, and Philosophy (2-volume set)


Unfortunately, I soon learned that the lady behind the counter at the herb shop was correct in her advice to me, and I should have kept my mouth shut.  I also learned that even the family and friends closest to me did not want to see my work prosper because they were afraid I might be right about the beauty and freedom of paganism.  I’ve learned that some slaves really don’t want to be free.

Now I realize why #energy workers are sometimes isolated and hesitant to reveal the details of their private lives.  Perhaps that is why the path is sometimes called the #occult because it must be kept #secret from those who are powerless and who fear freedom as being something that is destructive.  I encourage all energy workers to visit Estelle’s site and perhaps it may catapult you into the next dimension of your fantasies realized!

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