Family is God is Family is Earth: In Search of God in Religious Traditions

This is going to be a long one so get your popcorn!  The beautiful thing about inspired writing is that it flows, however the bad thing about it is that it flows at 3 am….LOL. In essence, whoever you worship, as creator or otherwise, he/she is the foreparent that has given life to some group and, in essence, is family.


I’ll be the first to admit that I am imperfect.  Many of you know my story because I have been quite vocal about it in my books and blogs so anyone that experienced hurt as I have will have a skewed view of society and a tendency to hurt others.  I’m working on that.  Now that you know I’m not perfect, please know that my basic motivation is love and I still find pleasure in sharing that love with you so here are a few nuggets that I’ve learned and hope will help you with regard to your quest to find #God.

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The Importance of #Intention with #Silence – #Pagan #Philosophy

There is Power that Exists in Zipping It

The other day I read a very enlightening post about the importance of silence in prayers and magickal workings.  In this absolutely wonderful piece entitled, “To Know, To Will, To Dare and To Keep Silent” by Estelle Daniels the author outlined what was in her opinion the appropriate steps to successful energy work.  I learned about what was possibly delaying some of my requests that I had released (or so I thought) into the atmosphere.

Despite what Hollywood has attempted to portray, members of the #Pagan community, more specifically witches, are generally very nice and loving people.  Just so you know #witches, #warlocks and other energy workers all have the option of getting regular jobs (if they don’t have them already), but instead many of us follow our hearts and callings, risking ostracism from the outside world, to help our society and friends — and not for mega bucks.  Energy workers need love just like you do, but sometimes, those that we think are our friends are staying close, but not for the reasons that we think!

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