What Can I Use to Smudge With Besides Sage?

Smudging or burning herbs, oils or resins is a practice used to naturally and/or spiritually cleanse an area of toxins or negative energy. It is said to have been practiced for thousands of years by numerous cultures for a variety of purposes:

  1. To expel insects, especially flying bugs,
  2. To cleanse negative spirits,
  3. To cleanse the air of germs and bacteria as used during the Black Plague in Europe,
  4. To purify or bless people or locations, etc.


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Typically, dried sage sticks with leaves are the go to smudge herbs in western society. Here is a link to a post listing it and other herbs or resins that can be used for your smudging practices.

Share your favorite herbs or products, which you use during smudging!

Smudging Herbs: The Best Herbs to Use In Your DIY Smudge Sticks (diynatural.com)

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