The Astrology of the Rwandan Genocide

” We do wrestle against flesh and blood, as well as principalities called Astral bodies.”  Renee Tarot

We are coming up on the anniversary of the “end” of the Rwandan Genocide.

Per the Western internet, the Rwandan genocide took place from April 7 to July 15, 1994, primarily between the Hutu and Tutsi tribes.  There was a long history of tensions between the two tribes prior to this time, and previous genocidal type events.

One of the accepted definitions of genocide is the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular ethnic group or nation.  This happens in all countries, to include America, however I was first introduced to the Rwandan Genocide when I stumbled upon the book Left to Tell by Immaculee Ilibagiza.

The story struck me and has kept my attention for many years, prompting me to watch subsequent movies, documentaries, interviews, etc., about the event and the preceding, as well as resulting national trauma and healing.

It has prompted me to look at the astrological events of that season and what may have triggered the event from a ‘star and planet’ standpoint or NOT.

Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Chiron and Ceres all played parts — basically many planets were involved and an old brewing situation had set the stage!

Mercury 26°19′ Pisces, in House IX

Mercury Aspects
Mercury conjunction Mars orb +2°01′
Mercury trine Pluto orb -1°22′
Mercury sextile Uranus orb +0°12′
Mercury sextile Neptune orb +3°03′
Mercury trine North Node orb +1°54′
Mercury sextile Ceres orb -4°31′
Mercury conjunction Pallas orb +9°34′

I will speak of the planets and asteroids as gods.  The god of communication the Overall Voice In the Minds of Personalities on Earth, Mercury, was angry and warlike, hostile even, though not completely logical in Pisces (ruling the 12th house of secret enemies).  His emotions ran high, and though He whispered to all of the world, those parts of the world that were already vulnerable fell for the speech, as was Rwanda who just exited a five year civil war.  Mercury wanted change, was ready to do the work and was not concerned about legalities.  He wanted warlike, legal change in a big way — the ‘final solution’ an extermination of the Tutsis of Rwanda.  The people of Rwanda were vulnerable, which goes to show that we all play a big part in how we respond to the stars and planets.

Other countries like Malaysia, South Africa and Finland made changes in that year also, though less physically violent, at least at that time. Radio Rwanda and Hutu Power Media played roles in being used by Mercury to get the violent message to the masses.

Hutus are a tribe that are primarily Bantu origin from the Central Africa region. Some say they were the first inhabitants of Rwanda.  Others say the Twi or pygmy people were the original settlers.  The Tutsi who were mostly derived out of East and Northern Africa were newer, though they had been in Rwanda for 100s of years and are also of Bantu origin.  It is said they had been tribal rulers who subjected Hutus to a system that gave the Hutus less power and wealth than the Tutsis, however this could be a story that is partly pushed by world leaders to get the blame for the genocide and fighting off of Belgium.  The in-fighting did not begin until Belgium authorities began measuring skulls, passing out high level jobs to the Tutsis and issuing ID cards of privilege. The Belgian instituted ID cards have since been scrapped as they contributed to these tensions.

Per current Rwandan President Paul Kagame, there are now laws in place to prevent inciting of the public and the use of “divisionism” (ethnic hatred) and genocide ideology, and these laws are strictly enforced.  Some members of the European media have accused Kagame of using these laws to silence critics.  I am being fair to both the European media and Kagame by reporting each side’s point of view.  I actually side with Kagame on this due to the sensitive nature of tribal tensions in the region.  The country has official, peaceful remembrance ceremonies, however, due to the situation, they want to remain in control of these remembrances.

Chiron’s retrograde in Virgo set up the circus and displays how aspects can influence us for months after they occur…

Chiron 3°23′ Я Virgo, in 6th House of Jobs and Careers

Chiron Aspects
Moon opposite Chiron orb -4°22′
Saturn opposite Chiron orb -4°37′
Venus trine Chiron orb -3°31′
Pluto square Chiron orb -5°41′
Chiron trine Vesta orb +5°03′

Chiron is not a planet, but a highly influential and energetic asteroid, currently influencing the mental health epidemic in the west.  When moving direct, He helps us to endure sufferings and causes us to see where we need to be healed, thereby helping us to heal others who have similar wounds.  When He is retrograde, He has the opposite effect and in April 1994, when He was retrograde, He helped to enhance the lawlessness in the country during the genocide.  His work began in December 1993 where he influenced Mercury to go rogue and where He invoked the rhetoric that programmed neighbors to turn against each other.

He convinced many Hutus that in order to get wealth, vengeance and justice, they must not listen to their emotions, but they could gain quick financial gain (Venus 6°55′ Taurus) and turn their lives around by destroying their neighbors.  Chiron promised the Hutus they could keep the goods of the people they killed, thereby healing their poverty.  Chiron was motivated by the ability to obtain quick wealth thru killings, rather than by hard work.  Chiron convinced killers that the new wealth that had been kept from them for generations was due to them.  This is how dangerous a retrograde Chiron can be.


On that exact day on April 7th, Saturn was ready for a new beginning.

Saturn 8°00′ Pisces, 12th house of Secret Enemies

Saturn Aspects
Moon conjunction Saturn orb +0°14′
Venus sextile Saturn orb -1°05′
Jupiter trine Saturn orb -4°31′
Saturn trine Ascendant orb +5°31′
Saturn opposite Chiron orb -4°37′
Saturn is the beautiful planet that can be seen from Earth, and who has rings around Him.  I like to think of these rings as a jail cell.  When Saturn is retrograde, you can say the chains are loosed and that is what I would have expected to find during this genocide, however that did not happen until May 12 and by then, hundreds of thousands of Tutsis are reported to have been killed already.
Saturn doesn’t seem to have communicated to much with Chiron, but he was influenced by Venus.  It appears that in the case of Saturn, the love of money is truly the root of all evil and the killers of the Tutsis were the ones that had shared meals with them in their homes.

Since all fingers are pointing to Venus, let’s look at Her.

Venus 6°57′ Taurus, in 2nd House of Money

Venus Aspects
Moon sextile Venus orb -1°11′
Venus sextile Saturn orb -1°03′
Venus opposite Jupiter orb -5°34′
Venus conjunction Midheaven orb +7°51′
Venus trine Chiron orb -3°33′
Venus conjunction Vesta orb +8°36′
I’ve seen Venus’ ugly side a time or two.  Seems that when She is aspected in a negative light, She can be somewhat devious, but it always takes a village to get the job done.  Honestly, Venus can’t bear the thought of lacking money and will resort to armed robbery if needed.
Whatever was happening in the world at that time, a desire for riches and wealth was strong in Rwanda. Based on historic records on  western internet, the 21 year presidency of Juvénal Habyarimana of Rwanda had not brought the economic benefits that were expected by the Hutus and created more of a dictatorship.  This is partly the reason nobody knows who shot his plane down.

A bit of history because we love it!

Rwanda had just come out of five years of civil war.  Reportedly, GDP declined in three out of the five years, and even with the Rwandan Civil War of 1990, the fight was primarily between the Hutus and Tutsis.  Tutsis had been displaced in the 1959-62 Rwandan Revolution and the Tutsis had formed the Rwandan Patriotic Front or RPF, which also included Hutu sympathizers.
The funny thing is that I cannot find who financed the RPF, which fought against the Rwandan Armed Forces representing the government of Rwanda. It could have been any of the countries trying to rid themselves of Rwandan refugees or even European countries who’d used a precursor of RPF to rid Uganda of Idi Amin Dada Oumee.
Interesting note:  Idi Amin had given himself the title, CBE or Conqueror of the British Empire.  He broke relations with the West and joined up with the Soviet Union, Zaire and Libya (basically every nation that said ‘F’ the west) and wanted to unify Africa.   He threatened Tanzania, and you know how Great Britain feels about her.  You do the math.  It’s funny that in my household growing up, we use to call all bossy people Idi Amin, but we had no clue why.  I use to think he was a cannibal (eatty all men).  What’s ironic is he started out as an army cook.
Keep in mind the 1960s was a time of decolonisation (sort of) and many military leaders became heads of state and that without experience.  In 2014 the late preacher Myles Munroe of the Bahamas was headed to Africa to assist leaders with understanding how to properly govern, pass the baton and train youth.  Monroe had the attention of African leaders and he died in a plane crash just before going to the first conferences, yet I digress.

We are determined to make the ordinary Ugandan master of his own destiny and, above all, to see that he enjoys the wealth of his country. Our deliberate policy is to transfer the economic control of Uganda into the hands of Ugandans, for the first time in our country’s history.

— Idi Amin on the persecution of minorities


Questions that came across my mind in my study of Rwanda.

  1. Why has such a small country as Rwanda had so much turmoil in their region?  Are there other factors not related to race division that need to be sorted out?
  2. When will Africa do as Idi Amin proposed in the earlier quote?
  3. What will it take for Africa to be free when Europeans and Asians have so many financial interests in the region?
  4. Do non-Africans plan to take every single gem and mineral out of Africa?
  5. Is it possible that Africa can keep her countries’ borders open to other continents and remain safe?

I want to visit Rwanda because I know it is a beautiful place.  I do hope Rwandans can keep peace and become a true One Nation.

Rev. Renee

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