How to Work From Home Without Going Bonkers! You Can Be Productive.

There is a ‘right way’ to start your day when working from home!

As a blogger and writer I know the challenges of working from home.  If you are not use to it, after a few days the isolation and even boredom will set in, however there is a way to make things work for a more prosperous and fulfilling worklife!

Get up and wash up as you would going to a regular job.

Don’t ever drag yourself out of bed directly to a desk next to your bed, and definitely don’t work in bed!!! OMG!!!
Get up and take a good shower!  Go to the kitchen and get your coffee and breakfast 🍳 as you would if you were going to a job outside of home.  Then head off to work (to your home workspace) as you normally would a regular job.

Create regular office hours.

Work from home
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Work out and exercise as you typically would prior to going to work away from home.  Determine your hours — do you like working early in the day or in the evenings?

Get dressed for work—-it’s called work from home casual attire [AD] and it involves sundresses and shorts in the summer, but no jammies (even if you are in a cold climate)! Carry your purse or a bag of essentials to keep by your side so you don’t have to continually get up from your desk to get things.

Stay out of that bedroom!

As I mentioned earlier, don’t work in your bedroom or places with too much foot traffic.  You need to find another room that is dedicated to work or a private corner or nook — even one that is outside!  Put up a cord and curtains if you have to!
Listed below are a few other tidbits:
  • Ensure you have comfortable seating in your work area. [AD]
  • Take short breaks away from your desk.
  • Have a designated lunch break; don’t snack all day.
  • If you need to leave the house, suit up for COVID-19 and go (during your break or after work).
  • Understand your natural rhythm and work your schedule around it.
  • Stay off of YouTube and internet news as much as possible because they are changing their stories all the time and usually need a week to make them accurate.  You won’t miss anything by waiting til evening.
When you are done working for the day and are ready to leave your desk, tidy up for the next day, take your purse, turn off the lights and close the door. 🚪
Enjoy the extra time you have since you will be home immediately! #NoCommute

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Renee Tarot

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