How Is Covid-19 Killing People? A Renowned Russian Doctor Wants to Open Your Mind to a New Paradigm!

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In New York City and Moscow, 87% percent of patients in hospitals placed on ventilators die. This means that only one or two out of ten survive. The official version is that COVID-19 kills people; however, a Russian physician, Dr. Novozhilov, states: it’s mostly ventilators that kill them. Why?

He will explain it in his upcoming webinar. (5/30 at 11 am EST).

A. Novozhilov MD is the medical heir to a legendary Russian physiologist, K.P. Buteyko MD-PhD; together, they formed a method known as Buteyko Breathing Normalization.

It began in the mid-20th century in a Siberian laboratory where Dr. Buteyko led a team of scientists and doctors to scrutinize the function of respiration. The Soviet Union’s government generously funded this work in hope of gaining advances during the Cold War. Unfortunately, the secrets of breathing revealed by Buteyko’s team contradicted the Western scientific approach and supported Eastern esoteric knowledge.

The Western medical paradigm regarding breathing was largely built upon the work of A. Lavoisier, a French scientist who in the 18th century discovered oxygen. Lavoisier was a Commissioner of the Royal Gunpowder and Saltpeter Administration who assumed that oxygen played the key role in the process of respiration and metabolism – just like it did in the process of combustion. Since we inhale mostly oxygen, the idea of breathing MORE became a common solution for people suffering from breathing difficulties.

Dr. Buteyko refuted Lavoisier’s theory, asserting that the key role in the process of respiration belonged to carbon dioxide, which is not a waste gas but our vital energy (prana). To boost vitality, Dr. Buteyko suggested breathing LESS, because this increases the CO2 level in the lungs and improves overall oxygenation and metabolism. Clinical studies conducted in Soviet Union proved that Dr. Buteyko was correct; however, the medical community never fully accepted his radical discovery.

Is there a connection between COVID-19 and Buteyko? Dr. Novozhilov says: until we acknowledge a new paradigm regarding respiration, we cannot stop a high mortality rate in hospitals or find a natural prevention against Coronavirus. In his talk, he will teach how to control breath to regulate susceptibility to COVID.

Dr. Novozhilov’s manual for healthier breathing as well as Dr. Buteyko’s texts were published in a book Breathe To Heal [ad] where asthma was used as a model for their work. This book also contains testimonials of many asthmatics who tamed their breathing problems by abandoning the old paradigm (Breathe More) and adopting the new one (Breathe Less).

Following Dr. Novozhilov’s recommendations, Fred Brown, RRT who works in an NYC hospital, advised doctors there to lower ventilator settings, reducing patient’s air consumption. It helped several people survive. Of course, his actions did not initiate a system-wide change because medical professionals are governed by the belief: to breathe better, one needs to breathe MORE.

Dr. Novozhilov states: during COVID-19, our chance of survival depends on how we breathe. If we continue over-breathing, it can be as low as one or two out of ten.

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