Which Covid-19 Vaccine Should I Get?

Please read this article understanding that the Covid-19 vaccine landscape changes often as we learn more about the virus.

There are a couple of Covid-19 vaccine choices in the U.S. and more, that are available internationally. The vaccines are formulated to work in a variety of way, with some vaccines targeting mRNA (U.S.) and others with double strand DNA formulations (Great Britain). Still other nations use inactive virus material (China) or viral vectors being developed in Japan (not yet released).

There was a rumor at one time that Japan was developing a vaccine from microbes produced from fermented volcanic soils on the coast of Shizuoka, but little info is available about it. Despite not being approved in the U.S. for antiviral use, repurposed drugs like Ivermectin is being used for prevention or treatment of early-stage COVID-19 and has become increasingly widespread especially in Latin America.

There is a lot to consider since availability of each vaccine is dependent on your location and other factors:

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Acerola: The Vitamin C Superpower

In the World of Vitamin C, There’s an Old Kid on the Block!

There is a shrub-like tree that is native to Central and South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean that grows fruit, which looks like a cross between a cranberry and crabapple. It is a fruit that many in the United States have not heard of, but it can be an amazing force in the battle against #disease: ACEROLA.

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How Is Covid-19 Killing People? A Renowned Russian Doctor Wants to Open Your Mind to a New Paradigm!

person holding covid sign
Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

In New York City and Moscow, 87% percent of patients in hospitals placed on ventilators die. This means that only one or two out of ten survive. The official version is that COVID-19 kills people; however, a Russian physician, Dr. Novozhilov, states: it’s mostly ventilators that kill them. Why?

He will explain it in his upcoming webinar. (5/30 at 11 am EST).

A. Novozhilov MD is the medical heir to a legendary Russian physiologist, K.P. Buteyko MD-PhD; together, they formed a method known as Buteyko Breathing Normalization.

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