We Need Viruses. Here’s Why We Keep Them When We May Already Have the Cure.

Most people don’t have a medical background, including me.  Others have quite an extensive one, however they cannot practice or medicate anyone without prior approval from the government.

Viruses Are a Necessary Part of Life.

Each day thousands of schools and HR departments test candidates in order to ensure entry to the most qualified applicants.  When you need a service or product, you are glad when the person providing it is up to par.

Viruses test the human condition by weeding out the weak, thereby accomplishing a few goals:

Protecting natural resources,

Preventing overpopulation,

Preventing the spread of even worse diseases,

Creating diversity and

Promoting Natural Selection.

From the 1500s to the 1800s the average life expectancy in the US was between 30 and 40 years old.  That’s considered young today, especially with modern advances.

I once knew a woman from China who said her family had perfected their bloodline to live much older and stay younger-looking for longer.  She also said she’d never been sick and she was about 70 (with a healthy sex drive), but looked 35.  China’s had time to perfect this since their country is over 3,000 years old compared to the US’ mere 243 years.

Instead of them sending spies to Harvard, we should be sending spies to them! (You know we already are…lol.)

It’s Hard Playing God, but Somebody Has to Do It!

Some of you ask, how did Adam live to be 930 years old?

I say the original humans (if in fact Adam (called man) was one of them) did not have clocks or sundials so how the hell did he know how old he was?  The biblical stories were passed down by word of mouth for thousands of years before they were recorded and then retranslated hundreds of times.  Who wouldn’t want to talk their ancestors up to make them greater than what they really were?  Stop believing everything you read (except for this blog)!

If the early humans even had time to count moons between finding food and protecting their young from sabertooth tigers, Adam would only have been 33 if they used moons as years.

Now humans are supposedly reverse engineering alien crafts and going to space.  We’ve also developed microbiology and organic chemistry to the point of creating vaccines so that the average US citizen can expect to live about 78.5 years.  Perhaps we can play with DNA from the remains of one of the Roswell aliens and come up with something really effective!

Does Earth consider that we are working with her now.  Not really because drug companies are always being sued for causing more problems AND she (Earth) can still wipe out thousands at a time when she wants to, especially with astrological help like fire stelliums and us pissing God off all the time…lol.

So How Do We Determine Who Lives?


Remember the 1970s movie Logan’s [ad]?  Nobody wants to be considered dispensable.

This is the tale of a society, that sustains itself and its resources by killing people who reach the age of 30.

How many of you have said, “oh coronavirus doesn’t matter, it’s only killing old people.”

I say, we need variety so that we can preserve wisdom, knowledge, history and patient energy.

Besides, who else can you trust your kids with, if not grandma?

If you’ve ever been to South Florida, you’ll see those old people are having a ball!  Eating, drinking, being merry and making porn…lol. They don’t even want to babysit anymore.

It is difficult to be the governing rulership who determines when to go to war, when to preserve finances instead of lives and who rides on the boat to America or gets onto the spacecraft to the new earth.

The decision is difficult, but it needs to be made and if you believe in reincarnation and the longevity of the earth as well as spirit, it shouldn’t bother you so much to succumb to nature.  You’ll come right back here, and don’t you want something to be here when you return?

Why be Sick When We Can Just Shut the Doors to gp120, HA proteins and Use Receptor Antagonists?

Maybe it’s not that simple.

What we do know is there is only one way that most known viruses can enter a human host’s cell and that is by way of protein, namely amino acids.  They can’t replicate without a host cell, and they are very much like destructive computer programs which don’t really do anything until they are in a drive (or cell) and powered up.

You can essentially block this with some HIV or cancer meds.  Some generic HIV meds would cost less than $33 a month per person for a generic version.

This form of a chastity belt may not be the natural way and we’d have to find the correct amino acid blocker, but some form of a blocker could be a panacea for all viruses and would only need to be taken for a short time to give the virus a few days to die out.  It could get the job done, especially when we can target exactly what we want to block without depriving the cell of nutrients.

Sending kids away to special sanitized schools would also do the trick, because adults get most germs from them.  You wouldn’t be able to visit them.  Nooooo! (me crying fake tears)

So we could spend less than $231 billion to medicate the world instead of trillions that are being spent annually on bail outs and stimulus plans around the world?

Perhaps this would work, if we wanted to interrupt the natural order and set ourselves up for future extinction due to lack of naturally acquired immunity and limited resources. Or this may result in some blinding supervirus that targets brain cells that store scientific info so all the doctors wouldn’t be able to see. Only people with no scientific knowledge would be immune.  Where would that leave us?

Maybe we should accept things as they are and not interfere so much…..but only a little.

Let’s do this virus drill and get it over with.

Just something else to think about.

Rev. Renee

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Renee Tarot

Chief news curator and Editor.

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