Don’t Be a Puppy Snatcher! (Dream)

dreamt on 2/10/2020

Don’t Be Fooled By Outward Appearances.

A very intelligent woman was going around the neighborhood telling people who owned the cutest pups and miniature dogs that she could inspect the animals and improve the dogs’ health, as well as teach them new things. Many people believed her because she looked reputable, but they never saw their dogs again because she had found a market for them and was selling them to new owners.

Every Dog Has His/Her Day!

One day the lady’s van broke down and the police stopped to aid her. They noticed the van was full of crying pups and she was not an animal control worker. They asked her about all the pups and she lied, saying she was a vet. One of the cops recognized one of the stolen dogs and their suspicions that she was up to no good were confirmed.

It’s Time To Find Yourself.

The cops released information to the community to meet them at the van and claim their dogs. One of the dogs was mine, a cute, white miniature doodle who appeared to be in great distress. I was very angry at the woman and checked my dog for injuries and comforted him. Despite one little red speck on his ear, and him being wet, he seemed okay and was very happy to see me.

My Take on All This….

I have no words for people who hurt animals. This includes emotional hurt.  We need to know what we are doing and see people more deeply than we typically do.

A Different Take:

I am sure someone has actually done this in real life, based on how I dream.  This was a middle aged, caucasian woman with blondish/auburn shoulder-length hair.  She seemed very educated, about 5’7″, medium build in a light colored van or small box truck in case you are looking for her.  She likely hangs out at doggie parks or pet stores.
A more symbolic perspective:  Recently certain people in my life have treated me unfairly in my opinion. I actually visited them yesterday, earlier in the day, and my interaction with them showed me that I was letting go and allowing them to live their own life.  I have finally begun to receive reprieve thanks to a change in the astrological format and it just being my season for change. I think the little white dog represents me reclaiming and saving my hurt, purest inner self.Take good care of your inner pup and do it now.

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