Venus Conjunct Neptune in Pisces: “I Don’t Care Who You Are, I Only Care Who I Want You to Be.”

Neptune Direct in Pisces Isn’t a Liar, Just a Stretcher of Truth!

Sometimes it is nice to live in a daze, in your own world not considering reality in the slightest bit.  As dreamy as Venus is right now conjunct Neptune in Pisces, do everything within your power to resist her powerful charms.  Wear amethyst — the sobering stone so that you refrain from getting drunk in love!

amethyst bracelet

I know, I know it IS the time of love when Jupiter comes in all his glory to sweep you off your feet, but SLOW DOWN!  You want to make sure you get the right Jupiter!  Everything he says will sound just right with Mercury sitting on top of your communal heart, but not your brain. Boy are you popular right now!
“But Rev. Renee, why must you be so dubious about this experience I’m having?”
“It’s because I want the best for you and I know you will thank me later!”

Mars At 14 Degrees of Sagittarius Has His Mind on خمسة!

That is to say the number 5, which is known to frequently travel for recreational purposes and a romp in the sack, but is also known for stretching the truth to get what he wants.
But listen.  If you’ve been alone for 7 years and haven’t seen hide nor hair of a sexual encounter, nothing that I am saying matters to you because those words that are being whispered in your ear are fodder for juicy novels.  You’re not going to let anybody stop that.
I hear ya girl.  Enjoy your weekend and be safe.

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Renee Tarot

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